Fuck You, You “Little Snitch!”

And baby MacBook! I never swear at baby MacBook! I love baby MacBook! However, back when I was on my goddamn, Torrent, stupid, ass, useless “Quest” for bloody CS3 for my course, it was recommended to use redonculous Little Snitch!

And the CS3 download that took about five days (kidding, only three–kidding…) didn’t even work anyway!!! I don’t remember how many times I tried to…never mind.  So it appears my piss wipe course has come back to haunt me??? I finished it a couple of months ago!!!

I got so tired of Snitchy Bitchy’s Pop Up that I finally wiped it the hell off baby MacBook today.  Not to mention it was this piece of trash stuck to my desktop like a coked out whore begging to be “fixed” yet she (it) was too useless to “perform.”

So when I dumped, her? Oh, well! Did Snitchy Bitchy come back to take a bite out of me!

The first thing I noticed was when I minimized my FF Browser, I had a fucking, little, advertisement window waiting for me for goddamn Citibank??? *gasp* Oh, baby MacBook!!! NOOO!!! That is unheard of!!! *PA minimizes browser now in grave fear* Whew.  Nothing there.

Then I went to print something and screw me all to Hades! There goes my Internet connection.  There goes my printer connection (i.e. printer configured to Internet connection.)  Bye, Bye, Wifi!!

“Bye, Bye Baby, Bye, Bye! It’s my turn to cry. That’s why we have to say goodbye.  Adios!” (Name that tune, anyone?)

Driver/Software Re-Install.  Fine.  Now all happy with the Wifi Printage.

Okay, Snitchy Bitchy.  What next you little piece of cyber-dung? I’ve restarted, shutdown.  God, you even locked me out twice and made me force quit! You little…

You better be gone.  For good.


  1. Mos

    FUKING LITTLE SNITCH BITCH! What a fucking useless app…


  2. Hi Mos. Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here before.

    It looks like you really don’t like Little Snitch! More than me, I think.


  3. Mos

    Hi ^__^
    I hope I didn’t exaggerated since it’s your place but, I’m so angry right now… I don’t know how to get thinks to work as before LS!!! With parental control on Safari doesn’t work anymore… all you read on the web is “WOW what a fantastic app.” etc… it’ll all b.s. and I would like to stop that.
    Anyway, I liked your poem and would like to read more.


  4. Hi Mos. Oh, not to worry. My blog is a free and open space. I allow commenters to say whatever they want. I don’t censor anyone. I figure, I say what I want; why shouldn’t that be extended to my commenters? The only exception is anything that gets out of control, puts anyone in harm’s way etc…

    I know, I just took a peek online and all I see is that everyone loves it. I will admit that you’re off in some kind of dreamland if you think Macs are virus proof, yet I still feel they are way more solid than PCs.

    It’s funny coming back to this (which I don’t mind–I love revisiting my older posts!) I read it now and I kind of think, why did I even bother? Is this so important? It was all generated from the “suggestion” made by downloading one thing.

    Maybe I sound like I’m living in a dreamland, now. Yes, Big Brother is watching and I’m not bothering to do anything about it! I still feel…I don’t know.

    Maybe I am totally naive, but I don’t exactly feel paranoid when I open an app. and think the entire world has access to every piece of information on my computer!

    You use Safari? Well, I don’t even know you, but I feel like smacking you! Just kidding. Use Firefox! I can’t stand Safari.

    Oh, and my poem? Is that about the “Bye, Bye Baby…” thing? That was me playing with the words, and twisting around the lyrics from a Madonna song: “Bye Bye Baby.” *laughing*


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