I’ve Been Writing a Lot of Crap Apparently and Here’s More

No one is commenting these days but as a blogger, you can’t let that get you down.  You can’t take it personally.  It’s a weird thing.  As I’ve always said, you can write a “Blogger Pulitzer Piece” (in your mind at least) and…zero, zip, zilch, nada.

Then, you write a piece of garbage and you get a boatload of responses. Shit, my external mouse is in my bag.  I have to get it.  I need my external mouse whenever I can get my hand(s?) upon it! I’m “unhappy” enough as it is and I will not blame it on my hormones…but that is just another thing that has pissed me off tonight!

I have (had?) an appt. with my GP tomorrow because I have the…dreaded…ASCUS!!!

Meaning: I need to go have another “Happy Pappy” (aka Pap Smear) due to the dreaded ASCUS (Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance!)

Trust me.  It’s really not that bad.  Not even deadly.  Well…waaaaaayyyy down the road it could lead to Cervical Cancer but please.  Trust me.  PA will die of something else before her “Dreaded ASCUS!” Trust her.

But now things are screwed because guess what? Well, if you’re a woman you know that you really can’t do a proper “Happy Pappy” if…?

I haven’t gotten my period per se but I could wake up with it tomorrow? Or in the middle of the night? And I’m already feeling it coming on in terms of lovely cramps!

And of course they don’t take messages over the weekend so I can’t let my doctor know I have to cancel tomorrow.  That’s not her fault though.  She’s a love.  They just have several M.D.s working there.  It’s busy.

I guess I’ll have to what? Set my alarm and call? Or, hell! My body will make me get up and call! PA! Run to the bathroom!!!

Sorry male readers but deal with it.  If you ever want to be with a woman–this is it.  Gay guys, whatever… *shrug* I’m gay too so it’s all good.

Anyway, I could keep kvetching forever but I should probably do some other things.  Like sleep.  Or eat.  Or take some Advil for the cramps that I feel are encroaching.

Shit.  I needed to talk to her about other stuff beyond just spreading my legs for her. *laughing*


  1. No-one’s been commenting on my blog either so I sympathise! But I don’t really have the energy for commenting or blogging at the moment, sorry.
    Hope the GP appointment goes ok if you’re able to go! Things like that are scary.


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