Archive for February 5th, 2009

Okay, this is the second time around.  And it is NOT on my/our end.

I don’t know if it is you but if it is (still) you, stop it.  You know what you’re doing and you’re screwing with it completely.  As a result, you’re breaking the fun toy that it is and that just ain’t right.

If it is someone who is just going all kooky and listening non-stop, like…


Well, I appreciate that.  I really do.  I am very flattered if people like what I stream.  But maybe you need to go out and buy the CD…if you like it that much and you make it crash on me?

MP3 of the Moment has been “my baby” ever since I started my blog.

Either way, if you can’t or won’t stop doing whatever…like I said…you’re breaking the fun toy so no one else can play with it.

It’s called Bandwidth.  Don’t do this to me/us/everyone.  Please.

PS – Thanks my server/back end boy…ooohhh, that sounds dirty! You got everything up and running fast! I loves ya!