Here’s a new tune folks. It’s the “least” I could do? Heh.  No kidding.  On that note, I’d love to tell everyone how I am doing, give updates and such but I really can’t.  I’m sorry.  Hence, the “lock down.”  The posts will probably be “unlocked” at some point? Possibly? Probably? I don’t know.

If you wish to know anything you may email me but I may or may not share details, in full or in part.  Or at all.  It will depend upon many factors.  This blog has always been an open space so I am not trying to shut out any other bloggers or further, pull any weird, freaky bullshit!

I can say, perhaps, that I guess my Anterograde Amnesia is clearing up some?

Good Lord, Love A Duck! I surely need that to happen! That’s such a funny expression, isn’t it? My Nana used to say it a lot.  She’s dead now.  Rest In Peace.

That one is kind of weird too? I mean, Good Lord, Love A Duck! I think we all need to Rest In Peace while we’re still alive!

Anyway, so we can all “Rest In Peace,” here is the Theme Song from Twin Peaks.  Anyone remember that show? Kind of a good choice as well as it dealt with the death(!) of Laura Palmer?


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