Just Some Blog Stuff…Maybe More…Still Debating…

I’ve seen some views re: my Pages.  I never noticed until now but they’re all fucked up.  I’ve lost all of my comments, the layout is messed.  I’ve made a “call for help.”

Also, I think a commenter passed by yesterday or today and said they did a search and came to my blog.  I currently have comment moderation on and also have been flooded with Spam lately in my queue.  I may have deleted you accidentally.

If so, please come back as I respond to everyone–well, presumably will be at least these days due to the comment moderation.



  1. The best thing to do right now would be to send in a support request. Go here:


    And click on “contact support”, it’s on the right hand side…

    I don’t think you’ll lose any comments, when I look in my “My Comments” section I see my trackback thing plus the comments from a month ago left on your About Page.

    I’ll send you an email in a few minutes just to let you know what I can do, but if I were you I’d wait for WordPress… they’ve expanded their support network so you should get a response tonight or tomorrow morning.


  2. Hi Gabriel…. Thanks. I could barely understand or read this last night.

    I’ll try and give it a go.

    And by the way, does the text of my comments look smaller to you or is it just my eyes? That may be another question to ask them…or it just may be my eyes being screwy.



  3. The font type, spacing and size looks the same in both comments… it could be the background colour and the line surrounding your comment throwing you off.

    With the support people just tell them the basics… the bottom of your pages and individual posts are broken and have been missing their comments for about a month now. I’m sure they’ll be able to fix the problem.


  4. Hi Gabriel…. Thanks. It looks okay when I am typing my comments, like right now but when everything is posted above…tinier than before.

    Ah, feck it. As long as my stupid blog is working…all that matters?


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