Archive for February 13th, 2009

Recently I have done things I have never done on this blog.  Ever.  I have Password Protected Posts, I have turned on Comment Moderation…  It’s pissing me off.  So, “off” goes the Comment Moderation.

Have at it, kids! I’m not getting any comments anyway–just lots of Spam.  50 when I just checked now! That is an all time record from logging on just a few hours after I logged off!

And I just wrote one post about…???

Anyway, the original posts that were Password Protected will remain as such and as written before, contact me if you want to know anything and I will share information depending upon circumstance.

But it’s time for me to fucking open back up PA Land! If any bastards or bitches want me; come and get me!

I really, really, really want to get these things in.  Not that I think I have a Hope in Hades of getting any of them actually published.  And that is only one published.  Out of probably a trillion other submissions.

It’s a contest you see but rather a large one? I won’t tell you about it because should I actually win and achieve such fame and glory as a result, well…then my anonymity would surely be blown!

I’ve been working away for two freakin’ hours on TWO (yes, only two…) that I already knew I wanted to send.  And one of them was basically done? Good grief.  The other needed some editing.  Thank god I bought the damn printer that I can’t/couldn’t afford! Reason being, I’ve been too busy being busy or really, too busy being busy procrastinating and the deadline is tomorrow–or at least entries postmarked by tomorrow.

Hmmm…Valentine’s Day.  Should I put a little heart on it?

Nah…probably not too professional…

So now that I have the grand two finished, I am delving into my “Sekrit Fyles” to look for more! Entrants can submit as many pieces as they wish.  I fear I’m going a little “Submission Crazy.”  And speaking of “fear?”

When I was reviewing some things, there were some pieces I wrote that I didn’t even recognize! I “fear” I must have written them when I was either drunk or on one of my crack binges…  Just kidding about the crack, everyone.  But seriously! I’d probably had a few too many in the pub, couldn’t get any Wifi so I just sat and wrote.

I’m still on the fence whether some of them aren’t so bad, though. *laughing*

And I’ve got eight that are sitting here that I still want to review.

And my head is still killing me.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Sheer frustration and boredom may be beating my concussion into “submission.”