I really, really, really want to get these things in.  Not that I think I have a Hope in Hades of getting any of them actually published.  And that is only one published.  Out of probably a trillion other submissions.

It’s a contest you see but rather a large one? I won’t tell you about it because should I actually win and achieve such fame and glory as a result, well…then my anonymity would surely be blown!

I’ve been working away for two freakin’ hours on TWO (yes, only two…) that I already knew I wanted to send.  And one of them was basically done? Good grief.  The other needed some editing.  Thank god I bought the damn printer that I can’t/couldn’t afford! Reason being, I’ve been too busy being busy or really, too busy being busy procrastinating and the deadline is tomorrow–or at least entries postmarked by tomorrow.

Hmmm…Valentine’s Day.  Should I put a little heart on it?

Nah…probably not too professional…

So now that I have the grand two finished, I am delving into my “Sekrit Fyles” to look for more! Entrants can submit as many pieces as they wish.  I fear I’m going a little “Submission Crazy.”  And speaking of “fear?”

When I was reviewing some things, there were some pieces I wrote that I didn’t even recognize! I “fear” I must have written them when I was either drunk or on one of my crack binges…  Just kidding about the crack, everyone.  But seriously! I’d probably had a few too many in the pub, couldn’t get any Wifi so I just sat and wrote.

I’m still on the fence whether some of them aren’t so bad, though. *laughing*

And I’ve got eight that are sitting here that I still want to review.

And my head is still killing me.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Sheer frustration and boredom may be beating my concussion into “submission.”


  1. go PA, I hope you win. But even if you don’t I’m impressed you are going for it. I always make other people’s deadlines, but when it’s something for myself, I usually blow it.


  2. Hi Margo M, good to see you my “writing buddy!” I love that re: making others’ deadlines. I’ve never heard of that. Probably because I don’t know any other folks that write–or well…that share their deadlines or something…except you now? That could be a fun game though. Deadline chess or checkers or something?

    However, I made it to the post today after groceries. I even asked the guy if he had a good postmark to ensure that it would be noted that it was stamped today as it was really, really important. The guy hauls out this big thing and, “Bang!”

    I was like…I think that’ll do it…

    I entered the thing last year and only sent in one piece. This time, four? Increase my chances like buying lottery tickets?

    Uh, huh.

    It’s tight too. 250 words.

    Uh, huh.

    And this is funny too! I noticed just before I left I forgot to put my return address on the envelope. *gasp* OMG. They’d probably disqualify me based upon that! Also, it’s not free and I’m still using cheques with my old address. And forgot to write on it, my new/current address.

    Uh, huh.

    Maybe they won’t care as long as they get their money? *laughing*


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