Well, things are still lingering in the “Head Injury/Concussion Department.”  I have to dash off in a bit to see my Neurologist and definitely had to make notes.  Not only for Cognitive Impairment reasons (check, concussion) but he makes his follow ups about six to seven months a(head) and I’ve (we’ve?) got a lot of ground to cover.  Migraines, seizures and now the blow to the head.  Also, he likes his follow ups like fast food–devoured in about five to ten minutes.  Fuck, he is such an arse.

I only hope that I have “computated” the time allowance to get there.  He is one of my physicians that is far away.  Well, they are all far away. *sigh*  All that travel for an arsey few minutes!

So yes, things are still going on.  I am waking up with headaches and they are still continuing throughout the day, nausea, mood lability (a good example later) tired, can not get motivated (that can tie into being tired and mood poopiness) insomnia, some PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) that was diagnosed as well.

Here’s a good example of the mood lability as above.  Yesterday, I went to the “job disability place.”  I was so anxious, I had to pop a Valium/Diazepam on the way–plus two Advil for my headache.  When I got there, it was sort of the beginning type of thing, a get to know “my guy” or my initial guy or whatever.  I may be scooted on through more quickly because of my skills etc…

We didn’t finish all of the paperwork but it went very well.  I am going back early next week.  When I left, I felt quite good.  Very positive.  As soon as I got back on transit, my mood plummeted.  Why? My head injury could definitely be the culprit.  And now I am all worked up re: my Neurologist.  Best to pop a Valium for that now too.

And more tea? However that makes me anxious as I may very well have to go to the bathroom mid-way there!

Anyway, I have to get moving so I’ll be back with his “findings” later…


  1. Hey, haven’t been around much in a while so I’m a bit lost lol but hope the appointment went well and I’ll be checking back in to see how it went.
    I hate dr appointments where they want a quick five-minute update and then you’re out the door, my psychiatrist is like that. You wonder sometimes how doctors get like that, it no longer seems like it’s about caring about the patients, it’s just about how many patients they can get through in so short a time, I get that they’re busy but I think all patients need more time!


  2. Hi Hannah, not to worry about your presence…I know how it is. The appointment? I’m debating about posting right now as I am pooped! Not to mention I have a rather funny/weird one that is tickling my brain right now.

    Hmmm…which to post…? Or either, as again, so bloody pooped!

    I will definitely post about the Neuro. appt. so that would be so nice of you to come back and check! You’re a sweetheart!

    I agree with the quickie appts. They can be so disappointing when you really need to talk and even make you feel worse! I am so sorry to hear your Psych. is like that.

    Yes, there are many questions as to why this happens. Do they care, burnout, physician shortages, money (or lack thereof.) It is, or definitely can be, a very sad state of affairs.

    I drives me nuts to hear of people that can not get the health care that they so desperately they need. I hear it on my blog so often. Not that I can do anything via my blog but still…very upsetting.


  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it was a jerk on the bus who knocked you in the head, right? Or am I confusing you with a dream? Bugger me.

    Oh well, if I’ve got the right idea, then it’s no wonder your mood took a dive on the bus. Can we say PTS trigger?


  4. Hi katm, oh my fucking god. Now, can we say:

    “Cognitive Impairment!”

    That never even occurred to me but of course! I’m so, so dopey still…well, again, I might have a “shining moment” here or there but I’m not where I should be yet–no matter how “great” I may sound via text/type.

    Yes…you are/were treading along the right lines. Not the same type of transit at that exact moment but part of the whole system. However, need we split hairs? And ultimately I need to take the one form anyway to get home so there’s your damn “complete hair!”

    So no…not a dream…although I sure wish it was…

    Thanks for coming by…and helping me try and put my broken brain back together.



  5. Hey, from one broken brained person to another, we need all the help we can get.

    I hope you get some relief soon. And I’m glad Dr. Arsey Neuro referred you to someone who maybe can get you that relief.


  6. Hi katm, indeed! That we do.

    The whole PTS thing is new to me from an “immediate” sort of perspective. The dx has been floating around for ages from a long standing trauma (like, life trauma) idea.

    However, the dx still fits from my perspective; a flip out experience that causes you trauma.

    I had a similar experience when I dealt with Agoraphobia for the first time during my last hospitalization. Very bizarre.

    Yes, I can only hope that his referral isn’t as arsey as he is!


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