Completely Fuckable?

I was told that I was the other night by a man I met in my neighbourhood.

*PA stared in silence*

After she gathered her wits it dawned on her that it was another…sort of…”straight-man-erm…”  And yes, the “gay card” was played.  Enough of this shit.  I already have J. to deal with and ironically this is another J.!

But he’s different! I like him! But not like that! If I was straight…well…? *PA laughs*

He’s so broken.  In more ways that one! But aren’t they the ones that are the most interesting? I’ve always thought so and been drawn to them.  Like meets like?

He nearly survived a car accident with a huge transport truck and all the while trying to get another driver involved out of their car–after he was trapped and managed to get himself out of his car.

He is very charming though.  I know.  I sound like I’m in love but apart from his rather overt compliments (PA doesn’t deal with compliments so well unless they may come from her partner or a dear friend?) there is just…something about him.

Telephone numbers in bars get tossed around like dirty napkins.  I’ve had more than my share! Why did I call him back? Again, there is just something about him.  And as long as he keeps the sex shit in check, I think we can be friends.

Fuck me, J. (the other J.) will or may be so jealous.  He’s already been jealous of someone else in my life.  And I already told him about this new J.!

You readers are going to get so confused.  I could number them? I don’t think that would help.

You know what though? Too bad.  Can I not have other friends?

We made such a “cute couple.” *PA laughs* Again, he was a gentleman.  I was not allowed to pay for anything when he found out I had no job, even right down to having my own cigarettes! He gave me his!

When we left, I don’t know who was more concerned of taking care of whom! It was snowy and slippery, he’s walking with his cane and his arm around me.  Was he physically supporting me or was I him? I did tell him about my bean and all…

Then we parted and we were both…”you call me…you call me okay, well, you give me a call okay, alright, I’ll give you a call…well, will you give me a call…yes, I will…well, okay…just…give me a call if you want…okay…sure…”

OMFG…mental central and we’re also standing in the middle of an intersection, giving each other hugs where cars are turning! BWAH-HAH-HAH!

And sorry if anyone out there has a thing for Brad Pitt.  The guy’s good looking.  He’s sort of in the Brad Pitt stage between “Thelma and Louise” and “Seven.”

Again, if I was straight…?


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