Important Information About Medic-Alert

Yes, I’m going to get a bracelet.  Actually, with everything that’s wrong with me, I probably need some major:

“Bling, Bling, Y’all.  Yo. You Feelin’ Me? Fo’ Shiznit!”

*PA laughing so hard at how stupid she is*

Seriously, though.  When I was looking at their Canadian site, I found this link that helps people financially.  If you’re in dire straights in the cashola department, you can still get some help? Yes?

Now I have no reason to believe that this type of thing would not also be available internationally.  So if you are thinking of getting something from Medic-Alert and you don’t know if you can afford the membership and the cost of the “Bling,” I strongly suggest you look into whether or not they have the above type of program.

You only get the simplest forms of what they offer (and they can offer some seriously, fancy pants “accessories!”) Trust me.  I had a membership and a bracelet years about and woo! However, it doesn’t matter.  As long as you’ve got it, right?


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