Layout Update?

No one from WP has gotten back to me at least regarding this issue–well half of it.  I still can’t edit comments “on the fly” however at least my sidebars aren’t rolling all over now? Although I still have somehow lost all of my comments on my Pages. *sigh* And it still seems a bit up in the air if anyone can actually comment on them now.

However, shall you perchance take a look, I have FINALLY added all of my award badges to my blog! HUZZAH!!! And changed up a couple of little things.  I could try and space some of them out more but they took up a lot of space, scrolly-scrolly and that and now there is more white space on the left hand side. *sighs again*

Well, I’m not a fucking web designer and you’re limited here anyway!

I’m not sure but I think there may have been some kind of “rule” or something with the sidebars because as soon as I started to lengthen one side, no more rolling.  I can’t say for sure.  I don’t think anyone from WP “miraculously” fixed anything because a) I never heard anything from them and b) I don’t think there was anything to fix!

Maybe the template just went wonky on it’s own or again, there is some kind of rule for the sidebars.  Well, for now at least that issue is fixed. *PA crosses fingers*

Maybe I should just temporarily switch to a new layout and see if I get things sorted with the other problems.  I doubt it though and then I’m afraid everything will just break here and OMFG I’ll lose it altogether! It’s taken me quite a bit of time to try and convert things over from Garland and get stuff to work properly here as it is!

Bitch, moan, complain…I know.  I need a life, apparently.


  1. Arkay

    Test, Test… Can you hear me now?


  2. Set up a test site and play with the theme’s there. The problem with switching from a two column theme to a one column theme is sometimes the widgets in one of the columns can be lost, so if you do it copy and paste the html from the widgets into text file first so you don’t have to recreate the whole thing.

    The bottom of your theme isn’t broken anymore, so that’s a good step. I’m positive the comments are still there. Is it possible the comment area for the pages has been switched off in all of the excitement? Check to see if the ‘allow comments’ box has been checked.


  3. Hi Arkay, heh. You’re funny. Yes, we do get those Verizon commercials although they are a U.S. carrier? And hey, what do you think of me/Spock?

    Hi Gabriel……erm…where the fuck is your comment? It’s not in my mail!

    Granted, I am remote and putting baby MacBook through the paces with a slow Wifi and am all “Borg’d” up. I’m even going to stream an MP3 next so I’m FTP’ing at the moment too.

    I know…I can tend to push things. It’s one of the things that makes me a Grand Arse of the First Order at times.

    Thank you my “WP Guru.” You are the best. I swear! You give me better support than they do!!! How do you do a “test site,” though? Sorry, duh.

    Actually, Arkay suggested I go for dark9 (I don’t think there is a space in the name) and I did kind of like it as it was all “dark” and spooky and negative and ugly like me. *laughing*

    But then I was like…was it too 80s with the red and black theme? Just kidding. I wasn’t sure though with the Widgetry. Not enough for me and I didn’t think I could get MPotM to work with it. And you know how precious that is to me!

    Maybe I’ll try what you suggest…but you know I’ll probably need your help???


  4. Just create another WP blog… go to and go through the procedure to create another blog. You can have as many as you want. I have one called johnnytesting where I test WP stuff. Just make sure it’s kept private so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Remember when I linked to your about page not too long ago? The ping/trackback appeared in my My Comments section and showed all of the previous comments on your About Page. So there’s something there.

    I’m always ready and willing to lean a hand…


  5. Hi Gabriel…. Okay, creating another blog. That makes sense. Keeping it private makes sense too or holy crap! I’d have people commenting on all the garbage I’d be tossing up there.

    And speaking of garbage, this is interesting. I only had five Spammages when I just logged on as opposed to hundreds. *PA scratches head* Considering I went on one hell of a posting spree last night you’d think I’d have 500 instead of only five!

    I can’t recall your link, however that is interesting that the comments showed up. WTF???

    Do you know where the post is? Could you send me the link? I don’t know if I can do anything with it to try and “fix” anything here but… *PA scratches head again*


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