Since I’ve been screwing with my blog a fair bit today…hey? And Badalamenti’s been hanging around for a while now.

I’m remote so I’m multi-assing multi-tasking and really putting baby MacBook through its wee paces.  Plus, I don’t really have a strong connection.  Plus, I just tried to apply for a job and didn’t follow the application instructions properly! I was afraid that I was too drain bamaged to do this right now but at least I tried!

*PA gets a wee bit stompy footy*

Maybe I really DO need the “job disability place!”

W00t! FTP done! While I was responding to my last comments, I’m hooked up like a Borg (as per normal…) I was also working on a short story that I haven’t touched in a while…while waiting things to load.  S…L…O…W…L…Y

Okay, on with the show (hopefully?)

An extremely underrated actor–Stockard Channing.  This is my favourite song from “Grease,” the only one she did: “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.”

Yes, I know I do not type these correctly in title form but it’s just the way they show up in iTunes and I can’t be arsed to change them.

And: Embarrassing Secret.  Even though I was stupid and clueless about my sexuality for just about all my life, clueless all my life in general, people around me, how to relate to them…oblivious to the world.  I soooo had the hots for Olivia Newton John!

No, PA never stops humiliating herself on her blog.  Never.

My “remoteness” and slow connection can’t let me test the streaming of everything but it all looks good.  The QuickTime logo is visible so, okay? Will test when I get home.

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