As I mentioned a while ago, Dr. Arsey Neuro is referring me to a special Epilepsy Clinic at a hospital here as “he can no longer do anything for me.”  This was rather music to my ears.  Because if you can’t guess already…he is Dr. Arsey Neuro! However, he said it was “a friend and colleague.”  Oh, please do not let him be Dr. Arsey Neuro #2!

I’ve been for two EEGs (one regular and one Sleep Deprived) and one MRI.  The EEGs monitor your brain waves to try and “catch a seizure in motion” and the MRIs check for any brain abnormalities, tumors and things like that.  I figured they would find nothing with the MRI.  No, I mean nothing.

As in: “Erm…excuse me Dr…there is nothing inside this girl’s cranium.  She has no brain!”

So, the clinic.  Will they keep me in a bed permanently, hooked up to an EEG for a week? Maybe like this guy?

PA says: "Man, I never had that many leads!"

PA says: "Man, I never had that many leads!"

Whoa! Check him out, eh? He’s like “The White Borg” or something.  I’m kind of jealous.  I want to look like a Borg! I can’t even count the number of leads there.  I think the most I ever got was 40.

Or maybe they’ll give me an Ambulatory EEG.  I’m kind of disappointed at my “Borg-ability” per centages there too.  Perhaps technology has changed.  I believe so as you are about to see.  I think in the past, you’d get all hooked up and carry a monitor on your belt but now, here are a couple of models I found that you actually strap on your bean.

This one I found out about courtesy of an article in engadget:

Okay, but why was there so much discussion about her nose in the article?

Okay, but why was there so much discussion about her nose in the article?

Here’s another one that I found in an article in Science Daily. I think it’s much more stylish.

Does she look like Jodie Foster? I wonder if Jodie Foster has Epilepsy...?

Does she look like Jodie Foster? I wonder if Jodie Foster has Epilepsy...?

I don’t live in the middle of Nowheresville so I’m going to “ass”ume we have some pretty decent technology here.  Hell, even the hospital I am going to has these gigantic letters on the main entrance facade screaming: NEUROSCIENCE CENTRE!!! It’s also known around the world for its work.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  I strongly suspect they won’t find anything (like no brain in my cranium?) Still, it might be loads of fun for PA to totally geek out with some awesome and groovy Neuroscience Technology and/or whatnot.

You can be damn sure I’ll be blogging about it! You betcha!


  1. Jodie might have Epilepsy. As people you see me, and SA

    Jonty Rhodes both have Epilepsy.


  2. Hi Tim Baker, well, you’re right! You never know. I had to look up Jonty and now I know who he is.

    I can’t seem to recall him but there was U.S. player of something (either their version of football) or basketball maybe? I’m in Canada and don’t pay that much attention to sports.

    Anyway, he had Tourette’s. Maybe the sport is wrong but either way, people made such a big deal about it and how he was some kind of “hero.” It sort of pissed me off.

    I mean, “everyday” people have to live with all sorts of chronic conditions and who knows what, right? Just because you are famous doesn’t make you any better.

    Fine, because you are “in the limelight,” you may be able to offer inspiration to kids and such but you really are no different than anyone else on the planet.

    Sorry to sound a bit ranty but I just woke up! *laughing*

    Take care and come back anytime,


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