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Okay, I have got to give my hands something else to do! *laughing* And my brain? I’ve been at this for hours.  And I still have only just been futzing around a little bit! I’ve been flipping back and forth and between the difference, I’m surprised I haven’t given myself a Photic Seizure by now!

Just kidding.

But boy what a screwy change! Only one thing I don’t like about it? Well, a couple so I have to be a bit arsey right off the hop–but I am arsey?


If you haven’t figured out what I am yammering on about here…I’ll leave you in suspense!

I’m just kind of sitting here giggling at nothing.  Well, except how much of an idiot I am.  Hey, sitting here all giddy at practically nothing sure beats sitting here down in the dumps.  I haven’t been really concentrating very well on anything except Twitter.  You see, I’ve finally gotten it through my thick skull that it is a “Social Networking Tool.”  Therefore, you actually have to use it.

I told you I had (or can tend to have) problems with social cues (haha…a bit of an Aspie/Spectrum/Techie joke there, no matter how pathetic.)

I was feeling kind of…sad…boo hoo…that I wasn’t getting anyone to talk to me on Twitter.  Well, that’s basically the point above? I need to use it? Also, I really don’t have that many “followers.”  I guess I need to expand my “Cult?”  However, since it is a “Social Networking Tool,” the more I may get bounced around a bit, that may help?

HA! Look out! PAs Cult is on The Rise! <insert evil laughter here>

Just kidding.  I don’t have a big enough ego for a Cult and seriously lack the leadership skills.  Although, if I do become Big Enough, I could perhaps hire someone to lead it for me? Someone just as Completely Insane as myself? Or we could work together; A Brilliant Collaboration! In fact…I have just the person in mind… <insert more evil laughter>

But back to the Biphentin.  Not to worry everyone about me going on and off it (although I’m starting to worry!) I have said this before but I will repeat it: AD(H)D meds are the only psych meds that you can safely take a “drug holiday” with.  The reason that I am doing this is I need to apply for some stoopid guvmunt plan and I don’t want to run out of them.  They are not covered by the plan unless they are approved with a special form and blah, blah, blah… And even then, they may be “rejected?”

This really didn’t come as any surprise as they are amphetamines.  If you take them and you don’t have AD(H)D, chances are pretty high that you’ll get high.

In looking at the program there are a grand three of my meds that require this rigamarole! Unbelievable! It did also say that until (and let’s hope!) I get approved, I can pay out of pocket and submit my receipts.  Groovy.  That’s quite generous of them for people who are on a limited income, unemployed etc…

Well, I need my meds.  Oh my freakin’…  I don’t even want to think how I would be without them. Bipolar, ADD, Epilepsy, Migraines, GERD! Can any of you out there imagine how I would be???

I think I’m already getting a little flippy-dippy with riding my Biphentin roller coaster.  Sure, I’m feelin’ pretty good and yet I have no concentration.  Well, my concentration has been very bad for a while but it’s more my mood right now! And I may be feeling some side effects of stims?

Maybe Dr. PA should get herself in for a consult or simply just call the pharmacy.  I’m smack dab in the mid-dosage range so this on/off shit that I’ve been doing for a little while might be a bit much.  Meaning, it’s okay to do once in a while but not on a regular basis.

I was alright with it before but today? I think something’s going on.  And I’m not telling Merlin #2 I’ve been doing this (well, at least not this much, if at all?) He respects me highly for my med knowledge as all of my team does (except Arsey Neuro) but he may not be too happy if I’ve made a boo boo–even unintentionally.  I’m seeing him Thursday to talk about the stoopid guvmunt shit.

So, AD(H)D’ers reading.  Take heed and don’t do this.  I may have definitely made a boo boo.  Again, not to worry though.  I’ll get back on them, get the extended release Ritalin floating back through my system and all will be good.

For now, I guess I’ll just enjoy the ride? *laughing* Although I know it’s not really a laughing matter–I just can’t help it…