Nothing to Say

  1. *laughing so hard*

    I’ve never actually posted…nothing.

    I’m such an idiot.


  2. W00t! Being a complete spaz but this is worth a “double comment” to myself.

    My “edit on the fly” pencils are back!


  3. How did the photos from the visit come out?


  4. Arkay

    You’re funny. Funny peculiar AND funny ha ha.


  5. Hi Gabriel…, I’ve been so arsey I haven’t even uploaded them! I know, bad PA!

    I remember how we had to take them so when I do, I’ll send to you as they may need some work in PS.

    What about the ones on your camera?

    Hi Arkay. Thanks, I’ll take both as a compliment. Definitely!


  6. Well how’s ‘Brad Pitt’ then? Any luck with the job search?
    And yes I currently look like a mess most of the time and am a mess in that I’m all over the place and always crying and being upset about stupid stuff.
    Sleep thing is maybe a bit better – I hope!
    Hope things are good with you at the moment?


  7. Hi Hannah. Heh. You’re funny. I haven’t talked to him. I don’t know if we’re really going to be “best buddies” or anything. When I saw him the other night, he told me he was really blasted when we first met. That’s why he was all yacking my ear off etc… This second time around he was a lot more sedate.

    Anyway, whatever.

    I’m seeing my “job guy” next week. I’m really slacking on any applications myself so I really need to keep working on that. Or at least make an attempt! Argh!

    Oh, honey! *hugs* I’m sure you’re not crying about “stupid stuff!” No, on the contrary! It is probably very important to you!

    My sleep is alright. I’m getting a bit scared med wise, though. I might have to start paying out of pocket soon for some scripts? Or try and use a pill cutter for non-scored pills which is always great fun!

    Hopefully I’ll hear from the stoopid guvmunt program soon. Apparently I can submit receipts and get reimbursed (if I get accepted–which I should–yes???) However, that doesn’t do me any good now! I need money now!!! *laughing*

    Well, things are things…not too much is “changing.” I sure wish I was, though! Or something was…or…man!

    Hoping things are good with you too?


  8. raginggenius



  9. Hi raginggenius, good to see you. Happy to make you smile. *laughing*


  10. Have you seen your job guy yet? How are the applications going? I’ve got a job interview for a summer job on friday so fingers crossed!
    Oh that’s good that you can get reimbursed but I understand it’s not much use to know that now when you do need the money!
    Things haven’t really been great, been sort of up and down and then very down tonight but just have to keep going I guess.


  11. Hi Hannah. You know, I have to laugh a bit as this post was “literally” about nothing and it’s getting a few comments!

    I saw him yesterday. Things are still moving along but I initially thought they might “move along” a bit faster? Oh, well…whatever. As far as the rest? Me applying on my own? I’m still trying…and failing. The closest I’ve been getting is opening things in browser windows.

    Well, not true. I have checked out some and found they were not suitable. Hey, at least I’ve found out where I can’t apply!

    Oh, good luck to you for your interview! Fingers crossed, indeed!

    The new scripts I need are for a couple for benzos and they’re pretty cheap. Another is for my Seroquel/Quetiapine and not so sure about that one. I had my price list somewhere or I gave it to Merlin #1 and maybe never got a copy back. Oh well, I’ll find out eventually anyway. I get the generics so they are cheaper.

    I’m sorry to hear that things have been a bit of a roller coaster lately. It sucks, as always. Chin up, girlie. You can brave the storm. Hopefully if all goes well with the job interview, that will give you a good “pick me up.” Not to sound negative but if not, try to not let that get you down too much. You’ll find something…like me too?!


  12. Hey
    Any further developments with ‘brad pitt’?!
    How’s the job search going? Hope things are looking up a bit in that respect.
    Thanks, think the interview went pretty well, due to hear back tomorrow about it!
    I actually got put on seroquel today weirdly enough, it’s a really low dose for anxiety, mood etc. along with my usual nortriptyline, fun fun fun!


  13. Hi Hannah. You are totally killing me with the Brad Pitt stuff! Maybe I should give you his number!

    *PA runs to check Hannah’s blog as she can’t keep track of where everyone is from*

    Erm…well, talk about a long distance relationship! Not that they can’t work…

    I knew you where you were…yes…? Just needed to double check. However, I don’t give out people’s information without asking them first. *wink*

    I haven’t talked to him since you last asked. *laughing* Something tells me you have a bit of a penchant for Mr. Angelina Jolie? I may be wrong but…? *laughing again*

    Job search? Well, I’m a bit viral right now but fighting it. I got so pissed off with myself the other night I applied for seven.

    Aside: “Seven” is a Brad Pitt movie. *PA laughs so stupidly*

    I was feeling fine that night and then the next day, it was back to feeling like I was “seven” steps away from death’s door. I have no clue where I am now.

    And not to mention, J. got laid off today so it seems the entire world is now going ass over tea kettle.

    Which is an entirely stupid phrase. I much prefer “arse over tits.” At least that makes some sense!

    Good to hear the interview went well! Fingers still crossed!

    I’m on Seroquel as well but I take it for sleep. Meds are all prescribed for different reasons! Let me know if you have any questions about it, okay?

    Take care and talk soon,


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