MP3 of the Moment is Back Up…

Not sure what to say…again.

I’ve already said it before.  Don’t break the toy if you are.  I love it if you love the tunes; that’s fab.  Thank you so much.  However, if you’re breaking it and you know you are please stop.

That’s not a nice thing to do.

I do understand that this may be a regular tech issue but my “Server Boy” on the back end says it just looks too weird.  It’s not like I’m ftp’ing up big, fat files that would make everything crash.  Even I know that on the front end! They’re bloody MP3s!

And please don’t make me keep repeating myself.  I do that enough already in real life because of my disorders.




  1. How are people breaking the MP3 thing?


  2. Hi Gabriel…, I’m not really that techie so I could try and explain here what Server Boy told me. He sees the details on the server.

    All I really see are the files that I load and then the files on the server. Or any errors if they don’t load. I can also do some minor manipulation but not too much with my ftp client/software.

    I’ll email you as I obviously don’t want to say what little I know here! Anyone smarter may be able to figure things out anyway.


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