Through the Eyes of a Child

That child would be me.

Over the last couple of weeks or so in my neighbourhood, I saw two kids that were totally and completely me.  Or some representation or variant thereof.  Oh, how I laughed.

Now, I’ve never wanted children and I still don’t.  And never will.  Nonetheless, they can tend to be amusing and charming little creatures from time to time.

The first one? Oh, two little children (that would be myself included) both walking up and down the sidewalk, oblivious to the world.  PA, typically with iPod on, staring down at ground, noticing nothing.  Until a tiny shadow approached.  A young boy, perhaps eight or so, completely engrossed like PA, noticing nothing else in the world, nose buried in a book.  It was a CSI book.

OMG, PA as a kid.   Walking to or from school, nose buried in a book, not looking or watching where she was going (after she weaned herself from the “Counting Steps Obsession.”)

And the science.  A young man destined for Forensics? PA was into Shakespeare and Psychology around that time.

The second boy? Well, this took PA back to more her teenage years (and still a bit when she was a young, geeky nerd.)  Okay, she’s always been a geeky nerd!

He was with his mother and PA could NOT hold back when she saw him.  He was the coolest looking kid I have ever seen in my life! A bit younger, maybe about six?

His jacket was to die for! PA is tiny, to be sure but I don’t know if they would have made it even in a size to fit her! It was black and had all of these skulls on it!!! I had to go say something.  When I got closer, there was all of this orange adornment in weird, crazy lines.  I also then noticed his “headgear.”

The conversation went something like this:

“I love your jacket! That is SO cool!”


“And look at your cap! It has skulls on it too!”


(Boy produces X-wing Fighter with large R2-D2 on top)

“Oh, and look at your X-wing Fighter! It has R2-D2 on top!”

“Yeah, It’s from Star Wars.”

“That’s right!”


“Well, you are just the coolest kid ever!


This also has extra significance because apart from young PA being a “geeky nerd” she was also a goth growing up.


  1. If somebody had said that to me when I was a kid my head would have exploded from esteem overload.


  2. Hi thestranger. I hear you. Although…

    First, no one would have ever said anything to me as I always looked like a dork (until I ended up like a goth when I was a teenager.)

    Barring that, I was too spastic ever to take compliments so I basically would have stared at the ground/floor and almost started walking around in circles…

    But no one would have complimented me because I was a dork.

    As a teen, sort of rocking back and forth and pacing…more my gig.

    At least it didn’t last long because it was only a “statement.” Not some long tirade.

    All, I’d have to utter was, “Yeah.” or “Thanks.”

    Then, thankfully it would be all over.

    I’m still working on taking compliments and am getting better. I can’t believe it’s taken my entire life.

    Possible reason for it… I want to try and write the post tonight. It might just be a short one as not too much to say, maybe. Just an update.

    About Asperger’s and how I’ve been on that trail for a few years now. PA could be right?


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