Benzos Have Nothing on the Cook’s Pot

Ohhhh, BAD PA! She broke a serious rule.  When she got released from her last hospitalization, she was drinking like a fish, perhaps if dope was around she would take some.  Alcohol has and always been her “drug of choice.”

And one blogger, if he’s reading, will really kick her arse about this.  He doesn’t even like her drinking.

Ironically, she didn’t even have much to drink?! After all the time she was out, no! It’s actually a good thing for PA to bring baby MacBook for writing only (as opposed to Internet?) as she gets more engrossed and less hyped.  She may forget to drink due to the “engrossment” factor.  And if her “muse” is gone, then just listen to the tunes.

Anyway, she knows “The Cook.”  Known him for years in her neighbourhood.  He’s a dear.

Like that has any bearing on her “guilt” or “innocence.” *rolls eyes* Well, more to the point, he’s not some stranger.  That was the point.  Not some sleazy, grimy, asshole, sneaking out the backdoor where he meets PA.  Then for some reason, she just decides to grab his big fatty.

*laughing so hard* That last sentence was SO fun to write.

*PA decides to step outside for a cigarette*

Anyway, good stuff! She feels so happy and relaxed.  She thinks this may be the best she’s ever had.  She’s such a cheap stone too.  She wrote a post recently that her Biphentin was screwing her up and she “was laughing at nothing.”  Oh, no.  Not now.  She’s laughing at things that only purely funny.

Yes, she now has the clarity of “Marijuana Mind.”*laughing again*

Actually, she’s not really laughing that much.  She’s just feeling really fucking, yes, happy.  And she’s still “here” as she’s writing this post and it’s not all over the place?

She swore she’d never do this again.

Except only…once? *PA now laughing*


  1. LMAO Great line. You grab that fatty, gal! Classic.


  2. Hey Catatonic Kid, I’m glad you liked that. Indeed, it was just one of those “lines” that comes out when you write that slays you when it just…out it flies!

    And screw you! I’m not grabbin’ his big fatty! Sure, I’m impulsive but gimme a break! I don’t know if I’d ever get so bad that I’d start running around grabbing guys crotches!

    “All Points Bulletin! All Points Bulletin! Be on the look out for PA the Perverted Penis Pincher!”

    The Kissing Bandit is more my style! All black with the cape, hat, mask. The whole bit! Definitely! More suave and debonaire? And a flower for every “victim?”


    *hands CK pretty flower*

    *steals away into the night*



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