Happy Birthday PA and a New MP3

Yes, on this day, a tinier version of PA popped out of her Mental Mommy’s womb. She is 39 today but let’s do some simple numerology? 3+9=12.

PA is 12 today! W00t! Hey, I’ll go for that! Age is only a state of mind anyway, right?

I’ve never been a big fan of my birthday (or any holiday, really.) For my birthday, I always think: Oh, why did I have to be born? I never asked for all of this shit!!! However, play the hand you’ve been dealt? What other choice do you have?

I don’t want to belabour the point of how difficult this last year has been.  I’ve written enough about it already on my blog.

However, I will try and think about the good things–not ruminate upon the bad.  Like one very good thing that has happened this past year.

I give you:

“It Only Takes a Moment/I Promise You a Happy” Ending by Lori Moran.


  1. Happy Birthday, doll!!! :D

    Thanks for being a great friend, and for sticking with this strange thing called life.

    Oh, and I <3 the song…but you already knew that! ;)


  2. Happy birthday! (((PA)))

    Yes, we must play the cards we are dealt with in this life.


  3. Happy birthday!


  4. Hey, isn’t numerology about reducing things to single digits? …making you, uh, let’s see 1+2 = um, 3? Yes 3. Hey, you’re three today! That means you get to eat your cake AND shove some in my face for saying that (and completely get away with it :P). Course at your age, you’ve effectively been 3, thirteen times exactly now, so maybe you’re beyond such childish(like?)ness? Nah. ;)

    Happy Birthday PA. (((((hug)))))


  5. Happy Birthday and I hope this year is better then the last, Take care


  6. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, PA!!! :D And Happy Belated Birthday to you as well. I rather like birthdays, though… I have this think with wanting to be older.

    I love this song. You have a wonderful taste in music, I’ll say. (:


  7. Hi Catatonic Kid. Thanks, hon’. You are most welcome. Always. And yes…I know you love this song… *winks back*

    Hi Marissa. Thank you! Hugs back. As far as the cards? Maybe we just need to find a new dealer?

    Hi Hannah. Thank you for the well wishes, too!

    Hi Arkay. Well, true. We could crunch it down to three. No problem with that either. I’ve felt every age at some point or another, regardless of my “true” age at the time.

    Moi? Act childish? Oh, no…never, ever! *rolls eyes*

    “Alright, who else wants some cake shoved in their face! I’m ready to go!”

    Holy shit. I sound like “The Bride Gone Psycho” or something. Or maybe just “The Bride After Too Much Champagne?”

    Or both! W00t!

    Hi untreatableonline. Thank you as well and yes…a better year ahead!

    Hi Brigitte. You’re welcome for yours and thank you for mine. You want to be older? Give it some time. You will be eventually!

    Yes, this is a beautiful song. It is very near and dear to my heart. I love it too.

    Thank you for the compliment about my music but I can’t take full credit for this one. *laughing*


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