So, after some talk with my friend Claire over at A boy with Asperger’s, I thought I’d toss the ball in the air when I went to see Merlin #1 today. Reason/s being: Claire confirmed that I wasn’t out of my mind when I brought up some personal issues in a post and she also suggested an assessment?

At first, I thought there might be no point in it.  Why? Well, she asked me, “Why?” As in, what would I think? I told her that, as any (or most?) typical adult Aspies would say: “I don’t care.”  You have to be or know an Aspie to get that.  There’s a trait, I guess you would say, because of the lack of social propriety…Aspies don’t care how they are perceived.  Because they lack perception problems themselves?

And it’s true.  I really don’t give a rat’s ass what people think of me when they look at me.  I don’t even know what the hell they think when they look at me!

It’s such a fucking puzzle! Claire and I both agreed as Asperger’s is part or the Autistic Spectrum and man! I always say that Bipolar exists as a Spectrum in the way it presents…so  many different ways but it can in no way compete with the Autistic Spectrum–including Asperger’s!

Anyway, just for shits and giggles, sure bring it up with Merlin #1.  He said Child Psych. wasn’t his forte which is cool so I began to typically ramble on in my med. geeky way.  I told him that he nailed me within one session for ADD.  Granted, I brought in my “dossier” to assist.

After we talked? He said, bring everything in.  Let’s do it.


I wrote up so much stuff tonight.  And some things from when I was younger…I had totally forgotten about.  How weird is that? Now I just have to marry that with some damn, good, research.  Plus the adult tendencies and/or traits? The research material I currently have just doesn’t seem to fit right now.  I don’t think it’s good enough.  It’s too “broad” almost and that goes back to how it can manifest itself in so many ways.

If he’s not a pro diagnostician in this area, I’m going to have to help him with it.

Fuck me.  How obnoxious does that sound? (Aside: Aspie communication can sometimes be as blunt as a hammer to the head.)

Well, I guess Dr. PA is on call.


  1. Wow that’s great really great so pleased you decided to go for it(: yep I bet he may well did a bit of educating form you. Its always the way lol. I found myself educating the people that are meant to educate me ( meaning all the times I have taken G to assessments ) The first guy i see said that it was very likely G had Aspergers. He told me to do all the reading I could as this is for life. I was told a letter would be coming in the post for the main assessment. Was told his could take up to 18 months. Well he really knew i was in need as G was having lots of sleeping problems and stuff so yes it was rushed through. But 2 assessments later still no results. Was told this was due to the way he was different at school then at home. But thats the thing you see! He was not sleeping sometimes only having a few hours if not any sleep a night. So at school he would just sit yawning. He told me he still done his train game ( where he goes through the London stations. But he did them all in his head. The guy we first saw had left and all I seemed to be doing was trying to educate them. IT TOOK A LOT OF TALKING AND A YEAR LATER AND NOT A DAY BEFORE TO WE WERE SENT TO THE RIGHT PSYCHOLOGIST. She we are both very much right yourself and I. Aspergers/ASD is a huge puzzle that even some of the best psychologist and doctors really can’t get there heads around. God it’s hard at times for an Aspie to get right in there head. And I know as a parent Its hard. But getting to know the disorder and getting to know what makes your child tic helps. I so hope you get answers. It is the right thing to do. Not for anybody but for you. Im not on the spectrum ( i dont think i am lol ) But like yourself my way of thinking is fuck the lot of um. I starting thinking this way as I was sick of the looks and comments if g got up set outside. Why should I stand and explain he has aspergers for some old cow to say its an excuse for a bad boy. Just think of you and your family. Oh and me lol because i wanna know the outcome hehe.


  2. Hi clairelouise82. Glad I took you up on your advice, eh? *laughing* Well, no problem. Thanks for the compliment that I’ll assist my physician in the process, too.

    I am very lucky to finally find a team that will a) listen to me ramble on about medicine and what I damn well know (not to sound completely egotistical because I am not) and b) listen to me damn well period!

    I find it quite rare that the doctor would tell you to do all the reading that you could. Very interesting. When people speak to me about a lot of things, I always caution them to either not do it or if so, be very careful and very prudent about it. Not that I am an M.D. and always say so here.

    The thing is, especially with the Internet, there is so much garbage out there and people can read it, take it for gospel and completely freak out. Cyberchondria, thinking their meds are going to give them all of these wacky side effects, thinking all sorts of things about their diagnoses.

    I also say that they should be very careful about their “research” and then bringing it in to their physicians as well. A lot of doctors don’t like that! Quite simply based upon what I wrote above and possibly for other reasons they have personally.

    Perhaps in your case, he may have realized you were smarter?

    Indeed, you need a very good, even excellent, diagnostician and still things can get missed and what not. Oh, you made me laugh when you said that: “God it’s hard at times for an Aspie to get right in (their) head.”


    Oh, dear. Indeed and with everything else I’ve got “in my head.” A lot of the time I feel like I have nothing in my head!!!

    You are completely right with a “Fuck You!” attitude. I’ve heard it sooo many times when you take the kid out and the eventual meltdown happens. All the other parents are looking at you as the evil mother! You just feel like crap and it can be ultimate chaos and sometimes there is nothing you can do! It’s not like “you are to blame!”

    And true. You shouldn’t have to go around announcing to the entire world that your son has Asperger’s. 99.5% of the time you’d be left only with blank stares because people wouldn’t know what the hell you were talking about anyway!

    Well, maybe a slight exaggeration…how about 99.3%? *laughing* I know. I’m such an arse.

    Well, I don’t have much family to think about. They completely suck (lest my sister but she and I sometimes have issues re: my bean.) However, I will think of me, other people that are close to me and yes, you because I know you are definitely interested in this!


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