I went to this free “seminar” a while ago.  I don’t know if you’d call it really a “seminar,” though.  More of a total Geek Fest! W00t!

I found it advertised in a local rag and as soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to go.  Granted it was to “make” something I didn’t really want to; some artsy-crafty kind of ick but I still wanted to check it out as it just sounded so cool.

Basically, you were to bring in your “old computer” and “make something out of it.”  Okay, does anyone else out there think that is the most wicked idea ever??? Well, maybe not the most wicked…  However, PA could not resist this opportunity! I brought J. along too.  He’s geeky but not in a PA way.  Fair enough.  We all have our different flavours of Geekdom.

So this is what I brought in to work with:

Whoa, PA! When on Earth Did You Get That Relic???

Whoa, PA! When on Earth Did You Get That Relic???

This is my ancient Mac PowerBook 5300cs.  I bought it…gee, I guess back in the late 90s and it was “refurbished.”  I find that particularly hilarious.  It was nothing more than a boat anchor that you couldn’t even use for Internet access.  Basically, all I could do with it was run MS Office? Which was alright, I suppose.  I just used it for writing.

I tried to power it up (why bother *rolls eyes*) before I left.  Not surprisingly, it wouldn’t work.  I can’t remember the last time I tried to do so, just out of curiosity.  I guess it was when I bought baby MacBook v.1  That was maybe three years ago? So, indeed.  Perfect for my “project!”

Here’s how I got started:

No, PA Didn't Have a Rage Attack and Get All "Smashy Smashy!"

No, PA Didn't Have a Rage Attack and Get All "Smashy Smashy!"

Nice work? Oh, that was so much fun! Some tools required but a lot of just ripping and tearing! I’ve never done much with hardware, installed a chip or two but I’ve never completely destroyed disassembled a machine for repair.

I decided not to do the damn artsy-crafty thing as I am not that kind of person.  Neither to create, nor display! You will not find any of that business hanging around PAs living space!

The first one?

Perhaps Rather Predictable Like a Teenager's Sign on Their Door?

Perhaps Rather Predictable Like a Teenager's Sign on Their Door?

Now, I’ve inserted all of the photos in massive size so apologies in advance.  I just wanted to ensure that you could all see that PA decided to play a bit of “Scrabble?”

“Enter (Enter Key) At Own Risk.”  Indeed, perhaps not that creative.

Maybe a Bit Funnier?

Maybe a Bit Funnier?

This one was done on the screen as you can tell.  J. kind of butted in as he didn’t bring any toys of his own (although the man running the group had lots of spare parts for people who just showed up with nothing.)  J. grabbed the “ctrl” the “M” and “E.”  I was a little ticked as I wanted to play on my own!

However, I chose the “option” and “delete” for the bottom. *grin*

This one’s a little blurry but I explained it all above, anyway.

So there you are.  My little “Geek Art Project.”  Thank you and I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I love it. Oh god, I love it. I have a dead P4 laptop in my closet. Perhaps I can destr… errr… disassemble it.


  2. Sand

    Looks like fun!


  3. Hi katm, thanks. Indeed, right up your alley?

    Hi Sand, good to see you! Thanks for coming by. It was fun…a real blast.


  4. Well, the destroying part is right up my alley. :-)

    I was a day behind in my RSS feeds which is why I commented the day after you posted this.


  5. Hi katm, too funny that destroying things is…well, “your thing?” I guess like your bed, too? *grins back* Only under certain circumstances as we both know. One way or the other, right?

    I was half way between trying to “repair” my bed/office/closet/pharmacy when I got struck down by this lovely “Migraine and Virus Combo.” So now I only have “half” a bed going on. Well, maybe 3/4. Just the duvet cover isn’t going on. So, I kind of broke my long standing Bed Poll record again, I suppose. *sighs*

    And what is it with duvet covers anyway? Is it just me? It’s like trying to shove a giant pillow in its case! Grrr… I find it such a pain in the arse! Maybe I’m just completely useless in that area but I sometimes need to make a few attempts to get it right. Like some other things, it helps if you have some extra hands?

    Not to worry about jumping on this post and commenting. I was only kidding as I know how blogging is so weird re: that issue. You write what you think is the best post in the history of blogging ever and dead silence. Then you write what you think is bog roll and people come flooding right in!

    It is always good to hear from you, though!

    EDIT: WTF with WP’s Server stuff! First a 503 and now sooo slow…!

    FURTHER EDIT: Why is my Classical Radio Station playing Christmas music? It’s freakin’ MARCH! Oh, good god! It’s one of those “Classical Mash-Ups!” They’re all the rage these days and completely horrifying!!!

    I know, these have nothing to do with this post but I’m just up and starting my tea.


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