A Great Birthday Pressie for PA?

So, guys.  What do you think of this? I definitely like it!

Playmobil Kicks Ass!

Playmobil Kicks Ass!

It took me until today to set it up but here it is!

I’ve loved Playmobil ever since I was a kid.  Well, alright.  I still am.

You have no idea how many other sets I am dying to buy!  And have been for years now.


  1. I Definitely think you should get this one! (or someone should get it for you) It’s so nearly perfect!!! (only bits that aren’t are the slippers aren’t bunnies ;-P tho they are pink, that little portable looks like a cheap Sanyo (total crap sound, no CD player) and it’s an oversize coffee mug, as opposed to a teacup, but other than that, it’s SO you!)

    (to bad there isn’t a little attachment you can hook onto your laptop – that could act as a “desk” shelf and you could set this up each time you go on-line, still, it will look good on your desk at home, right?)

    And For the Record, I never was much of a Playmobil kinda kid (I was a card carrying LEGO Builder), yet even then I did see some redeeming qualities in the ‘cowboy’ set. =)


  2. Hi Arkay, no someone actually did buy me that. Yes, bunny slippers…maybe donated to her from hospital.

    True, stereo not so grand but maybe she can’t afford it but a gift?

    Tea, indeed.

    baby MacBook, indeed.

    Also, I’m not blonde.

    I had Lego too but I always wanted K’NEX because of the tools. Idiot Parental Units would never buy it for me. I guess I’ll have to do it myself now.

    Excuse out of it reply…bad sickies. Don’t know if I can even post…maybe later. Doesn’t matter. Just checking Twitter now and then maybe back to bed. Or more, yes, tea.


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