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I’m so sorry.  For a lot of things in life.  However, let’s just concentrate on my blog for now? I should have put this in with my last post.  It would have made “perfect” sense? I blame this icky and really ugly virus I have.  It’s making me more and more stupid with each passing moment that I am awake.  Actually, probably while I am asleep too–not to mention nightmares!

PA woke up crying in her sleep! *PA makes sad face*

No, the nightmares are independent of the virus.

I also apologize for the fact that this blog is now looking like a story book! Relatively simple posts and lots of pictures! Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, though.  I could write a “Kiddie Blog!”™©Αω (There was no “my idea first” symbol so I just tossed in Alpha and Omega–“From Beginning to End.”)

Actually, someone is probably doing it out there already anyway.  Maybe even a kid! When I was a kid… *laughing* You see? I’m dating myself! It’s true, though!

Now, being 39 and going through school at the appropriate intervals, no courses (well one when I was about 15 or so, a miniscule bit of clumsy work on DOS.)  Nothing later on, though.  Well, until you reached uni.  How laughable? You would have to know something to study at the uni. level, right? Well, I grew up in a shit-ass, piss-hole of a small town.  Perhaps the cities had more to offer? I suspect they did after talking to folks around my age after moving to one and living in one!

Or…unless you were a computer geek and had what was on the market to play with on your own.  The Parental Units never went past a Commodore VIC-20 with me (as far as a computer, not a simple gaming unit–I did have the Atari 2600) and they were so fucking unbelievably stupid that they never even bought me any software?!?!?!?! So what the hell was I supposed to use it for?

Well…perhaps, something like this I guess.

Holy fucking ADD post! Can you tell I just woke up? My typing skills have just woken up too as everything is all backwards, missing letters, wrong letters and “all spaced out.”  Get it? Sorry.  Pathetic ADD joke.

Oh, well.  At least I’m having some breakfast.  I’ve got to pound this virus into extinction!!!

So I apologize for this being a truly, horrible, ADD post.  But one more apology? I meant this one from the beginning.

I am so sorry for talking about my birthday so much! It’s really not that important!!! You’d think I was some $DEITY going on the way I am.  This is the third post I’ve written that is birthday related! NO, I am not seeking attention or asking people to say, “Happy Birthday, PA!” anymore!

Good grief.

So, now that I’ve rambled on and on…here is your pretty picture! Someone was kind enough to send me a lovely basket of yummy treats and this is what they all came in.  I was such an idiot NOT to put it on my blog!!! It is just perfect for me!

Again, lots of love and thanks to the person who sent it…

Dr. PA's On Call!

Dr. PA's On Call!