The Antigua Diaries – Part Five Cont’d

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Day Four 98/03/14 1215hrs – Cont’d

I asked V. to go to St. John’s on Saturday.  I think he was a little embarrassed but I’m sure he’ll go.  He said he’d let me know tomorrow.  He treats the kids so well, including the the snacks and candy he buys them which goes above and beyond the call as far as I’m concerned.  I would like to treat him a bit and I still have a lot of money left.  We’ll see, I’m sure.

Day Four 98/03/19 2035hrs

This afternoon was quiet.  After returning from Nelson’s and having some lunch we talked for a while (the adults.)  The kids went off to swim and it gave us a bit of peace.  I got changed into some pants to avoid more sun.  I’m glad I did.

We trekked up the mountain to Shirley Heights for a Reggae band.  The hike (with lots of prickly bush!) reminded me of the cottage expedition with S. (Edit: Ex-girlfriend) in (Edit: Location deleted.)  The incline was not as steep (or as least as steady) and the trip was probably 10 minutes or so shorter (Note: The climb up the mountain took about 25 minutes or so? No real path and a lot of brush!)

All the hard work was worth it! The view was absolutely breathtaking, no staggering…no, no words can describe it.  Hopefully my photos will do it justice.  It was a little overcast and the sun was setting…still, incredible.

I explored the remainder or the area including the ruins of the fort, an old cemetery and what was left of the military hospital.

We took the road back and that journey lasted about 50 minutes.  It was so amazing to see English Harbour from so high up with a slow descent as it got progressively darker.  Several large yachts in Falmouth Harbour lit up so brightly…from the vantage point it almost looked like a small town or city from an aircraft.

G. M. and V. have met two other kids from Bristol, England.  D. who is 11 is absolutely frightening in his intelligence level.  He was telling me about the problems he faces with drugs and that he has been smoking for six months but has quit for two weeks?! (Note: I think this was pure bullshit?) He’s very intelligent and seems to know so much.  When I speak to him, even I feel like a child.  Unfortunately, M. and D. don’t really relate.¹ It’s easy to understand why.  D’s miles ahead…still, a remarkable kid and I just love talking to him.

He and his sister came with us and by the time we got home for dinner around 1910hrs, everyone (except the two from England) was a little hyper.  Poor C. took it all in stride and smiled all the way.  I had to laugh at the minor circus we were in the midst of.  C. and I just turned up the radio and danced in the kitchen.

¹ – As I had mentioned in one of the previous entries, M. has Asperger’s but I did not know this at the time.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense how he might not have gotten along with D., the boy from England, very well at all!

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