Blogroll Expansion; Brain Explosion

Well, I finally did it.  More or less? I went through my Bookmarks and tweaked my blogroll–and yes, apparently tweaked my brain as well–and not in a good way? My eyes are starting to cross and I’m feeling a bit dizzy.  In fact, I’m not even quite sure just what the hell I’ve done with my blogroll!

Except, yes.  Expanded it.

I sort of went with the “Loooong Overdue Reciprocity Guideline” and also the “Who the Hell is Still Living and Posting Guideline.”  However, just because people are not, it doesn’t mean that their blogs still don’t contain useful information.  I may need to go back and review again. *PA tempted to crawl into nearest hole she can find*

And speaking of “The Living” issue, this may tell you how long I’ve been gone from the blogging world.  I found a few that had shut down their blogs altogether, a couple that now required passwords.  And these were people that blogrolled me or commented regularly! That’s why I Bookmarked them so I could keep track! Oh, bugger me!

Oh, bugger me again just now! Someone else I need to blogroll? No.  Un-bugger me.  The person is there.

Well…bugger me all over the place? I haven’t even been looking at some of these people for ages so I don’t even know what they have to say, their stance on things and WTF??? *sighs and shrugs*

“Let’s hear it for free speech!!!”

No, really.  If they have any kind of differing views from me and I’m on their blogroll, that’s all good, right? And I am a very strong believer in free speech!

Plus, there were a couple of med bloggers that had me blogrolled so definitely get them down.

I’d like to send everyone a wee comment to let them know as I think it is the polite thing to do but…whew! And Technoratty is such a piece of shit.  It tells you nothing these days.  I generally tend to find out simply by “accident” that I’ve been blogrolled somewhere.

Oh, and I was arsey with a rollover for one of them.  Hey, after all of the work it took, I felt I deserved to have a least a little bit of fun!


  1. As long as all twelve of my blogs are in there I’m happy. I created a new section of my blogroll for people who have gone MIA… it’s easier to check up on them that way. Like “Polarcoaster” has been missing for four months, “A Thin Line” abandoned her blog last year, Dark Gloom and Aikaterine have given theirs up, Qween doesn’t blog anymore — she’s on Facespace now. I find the best thing for those blogs is to leave a note of support and ask if they’re okay… usually they come back when someone shows some interest in starting a conversation.

    …it’s weird seeing somebody else using the ‘…blog name.’ thing.

    I’m glad you’re kicking the dust off.


  2. Hi Gabriel…. That’s a really good idea to create a separate kind of area for the MIAs. I wonder how I would do it with my template? Another Text Widget? That sounds like a complete Widget Nightmare, though! More links that a 12 foot long sausage! *PA shakes head at such a terribly stupid joke*

    Just curious as your “Links” Category is automatically defaulted to “Blogroll”…yes? And then they just all go to one place. One long line. I could check into…

    And a note to anyone out there reading this since we are speaking about MIAs but this was a total shutdown–default to the WP Delete Page. Does anyone know where TitaniumRose went? She seemed to come out of nowhere to my blog. I don’t know how “new” she was to blogging but was in the mentalness sphere and had Bipolar, I believe.

    I know dark/gloom is completely buried in work so that’s what’s going on with him and his blog but I don’t think he’s given up completely. Aikaterine? I’m not sure there. However, she still reads me and comments sometimes. And follows me on Twitter. They both do, actually. But dark/gloom is alive because if MP3otM flakes, he fixes it right up re: server issues.

    I have A Thin Line and funny you should mention about comments. For her last, I commented!

    Thanks about me making the changes. Yes, thinking about trying to get out there and do some more reading. It is rather hard though as it’s just another reason to keep me away from more responsibilities that I need to do (like trying to find a job!)

    Reading blogs and fucking around is just too easy an excuse to allow me to avoid other important things! True, you do need to take breaks but I swing one way or the other. I hyperfocus (thank you, ADD) on whatever I am doing and just forget all the rest of the world! So, fine for applying for jobs but not so fine for screwing around!

    So apart from the “insulation” that I was doing before that you mentioned (indeed, going through some stuff and I still might be prone to going into hermit mode these days) deviating into blogland may not be so great either! And really, this has been going on for a long time–me just not reading other people. *shrug*

    Also…I need to do more research on the Asperger’s stuff for my next appt. with Merlin #1 (and I’m running out of toner for my printer and it’s on back order…grrrr…)

    I know…excuses, excuses… However, the research for Merlin #1 is a valid excuse. But it can be put off for a bit, I suppose. And I do have a fair bit already? I just need a damn good highlighter! *laughing*

    Wow, you’re getting a shitload of extraneous information in my comment back to you!

    So, give me a wee tip about some non-activity-blog-separation, my WP Guru. It just might save me some time. Also in some “time saving,” I’m still on the fence about changing templates but at this point (because it’s giving me more of an excuse to avoid things) the answer is no. At least for now…?

    Who knows! Maybe by the time I change my mind again, WP will come out with more and I’ll find something else I like better? *rolls eyes*

    PS – Hope you’re still awake after this one!

    Fuck, I gotta get moving, meeting R. for lunch and I’m going to be totally late. I knew I shouldn’t have touched baby MacBook before getting ready!


  3. Still here…lost in work indeed. Hoping things will calm down in a week or so, but don’t mind as it’s keeping me sane. Other than work I am enjoying my new home, and laughing at C’s attempts to make brownies.
    I don’t comment much because I feel bad starting a conversation I probably won’t have the time to keep up.
    Anyone who knows me can email me if they need me. Which is unlikely.
    I’m glad you’re still hanging in there PA. We have faith in you!


  4. Hey darkentries, you’re the best for even showing up for this one! You’re still a bugger as via email you haven’t told me where the fuck you guys are now! I’ve asked you how many times???

    Email me and let me know so when I finally get “the job of my dreams…”


    Nevermind. When I finally get a fucking job, I need to know where you are so I can get my sad sack, sorry arse over there! Or…over where…

    Anyway, comments are always welcome. I find a lot of the time people will comment and not come back to keep up a discussion. Some will.

    C’s brownies! *laughing* Sorry. Although, I’m sure she won’t mind me laughing a bit about it.

    I remember with ex-partner that there was some Jewish holiday where Macaroons were this big deal for desserts! I was like…huh? What’s so special about Macaroons?

    So, I made some from scratch and apparently I became this kind of “Goddess of Macaroons” as everyone loved them. *shrug*

    As they say: “Cooking is an Art. Baking is a Science.”

    Which would make me think that C. would do a damn fine job at brownies!

    And yes…thanks as always, Server Boy!



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