My Canadian expat friend is back from the UK as he had to attend a family funeral.  Oddly enough, I haven’t heard from him to get together.  I know the funeral has already taken place.  Anyway, I’ll stream a song for him–even though he doesn’t read my blog.  No one in my real life does.

EDIT: Two songs.  Keep reading.

R. is the hugest, Homo-Prince-of-Dorothy-Madonnaphile on the face of the planet (or at least I’m pretty sure?) That said, I am not allowed to not like Madonna! No, he would entirely disown me!

Oh, back in the day…  If I was straight, I would have been the biggest fag hag, ever! We (my gay, male posse and I) would all go out clubbing to the gay bars every weekend for several months, then get completely “pissy” with the scene, stop going out for a couple of weekends and then we’d be right back at it again!

ASIDE: Gay men dance so much better than gay women.  Plus, in gay bars you can get away with a lot of shit on the dance floor you could never get away with in a straight club! Actually, what you can get away with is not limited to just the dance floor in, gay/men’s/women’s bars etc… *PA smirks*

One long weekend (Thanksgiving) while R. was working on his Masters, I decided it would be oh-so-decadent to fly out only for the weekend and visit him in another city within Canada (and his sister and family where he was staying.)  Oh crap, did we have a blast! *PA now grinning just thinking of the memories*

We had a hell of a time trying to find a decent gay club but ended up settling with this women’s bar that actually seemed like you were wandering into a person’s basement, looking like it was very poorly decorated for someone’s birthday party! No, it was really screwy!  However, at least the music was alright.  Not to mention, the DJ was from R. and PAs home city so we quickly made friends and started requesting all sorts of stuff for him to play.

R. can “Vogue” (…of course…) so that is the song that’s goin’ up!

Actually, it was hilarious as he started “Vogue’ing” around this young, pink-haired, lesbian who looked completely drunk or stoned or both.  She just stood there not knowing what to do.  The expression on her face was priceless! She looked sort of frightened, stunned and completely confused all at the same time.  I think just seeing her all helpless and sort of “trapped” while R. was bouncing all around her was worth my entire airfare for the trip! *laughing*

He and I still talk about it and almost start doubling over laughing to this day.  Of course I brought my camera but not into the club.  Damn! What a photo op that would have been!

Ahhh…and how did we meet? A mutual friend from uni. held a party several years after we had all parted from the school.  After that, the deal was sealed.  We hit it off so well, I heard that in two weeks EBTG (Everything But The Girl) was coming to where we lived.  I instantly bought two tickets and called him to see if he wanted to go.  Oh, yes he did! This was right around the time when they started to get danceable and Todd Terry’s Remix came out of “Missing.”

Maybe I should stream that, too.  Oh sure, why not.

We were so funny.  We dressed exactly the same–black suits, same black caps, black boots…  Then after the show, we took in all the gay bars of course!

Oh yes.  One last thing about how much we “loved” each other in our 20s and how stupid we were too? We both were quite unimpressed with our relationships in the past and in general so we agreed that if we hadn’t found anything workable by the time we were both 30 (well, R.’s a year older than me?) we would both just marry each other! It would be a “marriage of convenience” of course but we figured that we got along so well, we’d have the perfect arrangement and be able to reap all of the benefits of being a married couple!

Later on (PA is now 39) be both realized how silly we were to have even hatched the plot. *rolls eyes*


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