How pathetic are you when you come home to look at your blog?

{I ask of myself}

Can barely look at those few comments.  Fine.

Then, not give a shit because you just don’t.

Because it’s not even about a stupid fucking blog!

Then you realize it.

It has nothing to do with a blog…what you write..what they…

Or you.

No point forward with metaphors of yourself because…

…My Body My Self they are Dead.

At least for now.

I Wish to be Encurled.


  1. WTF does “Encurled” mean?

    Sweetheart, if you’re freaking out about the number of visitors or people leaving comments here… there’s a bit of work involved, you have to go out and say hi. If you isolate yourself here then people will think you’re not interested in them.

    You’re not dead, your “self” is not dead and your body isn’t dead either.


  2. Wulfgar

    So, howdy and long time no see/read…..something like that….So, like what’s on your MP3…right now.


  3. Well to begin, you both beat me to it as I was, for the first time ever, going to break my “Cardinal Rule of Blogging.” Yes, “The Space Time Continuum” was going to be interrupted as I was going to delete this post.

    Hi Gabriel…. Encurled? I just made a new word up. That’s all.

    This post wasn’t at all about traffic, readership…nothing of the sort. It’s been a few days since I’ve done anything here but more to the point, its been that long since I have really done anything of merit on baby MacBook! Or in my life???

    So in frustration with sheer, bullshit, garbled English–my blog got hit by another drive by.

    A needed stress release that didn’t really work anyway? Oh, well. Believe me, I’ve got more in life to be really flipped out about…

    Indeed, I know how blogging works…it’s all about networking…god, sounds like me (still) trying to find a job, eh?

    Hey Wulfgar, good to see you back and thanks for the Twitter follow. As far as the MP3 selections, just look over to the right and there they are.

    I changed my template…oh…I don’t know. I’m pretty sure you saw this one. I’m kind of thinking of making another change but I don’t know. Screwing around with WP templates sure is a grand way to avoid responsibility–that I do know.


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