Everyone, Please Rise? Oh, Don’t Bother! She Never Does!

Madame Depressiva© only got out of bed twice yesterday.  The first time was immediately, early in the morning for the plumber to fix her toilet (which was very quickly done, however, she needs a new one altogether.)  Then, later some time around…perhaps, 1900hrs? True, it was literally a “head under the duvet day.”

The only reason to get up in the evening was to have a little bit of food.  It had been a what…? A couple of days since Madame Depressiva© had eaten?

ASIDE: Oh, Kate! You are free to bite Madame Depressiva© on the neck anytime and we shall look fantastic in our PVC forever!

I’ll leave it to you guys to work on that puzzle if you have no clue what Madame Depressiva© is talking about.

After nibbling on a few crumbs, back into the sack.  Well, after chomping down a handful of meds.

So, how is Madame Depressiva© feeling today? Hmmm…kind of nauseous, spaced out, emotionally…oh, good grief.  That should be obvious? However, she is at least out of her bed and sort of aimlessly…meandering…around her flat.  She’s also becoming a geek in her own flat–like when she goes out to work on her baby MacBook and/or to write.  She sat down and put on her iPod while looking at a newspaper.

Excuse me, Madame Depressiva© but you do own a stereo? Indeed.  It would appear that things are still not exactly as they should be in the Kingdom.

I suppose that is all that can be said for now.  Oh, yes.  Madame Depressiva© was, in fact, feeling a bit suicidal.  Quite unfortunate, to say the least.  She was also briefly considering a trip to hospital for respite but realized it would be a rather pointless move.  She would be much more comfortable within her own private setting for her rehabilitation.


  1. I love your blog…what a wonderful sense of humor you have, in spite of everything you have to deal with.

    And, as a side note, isn’t life just the shit sometimes? Sigh…


  2. Hi Danimal. Welcome to my blog as I haven’t seen you here before or met you.

    Thank you so much for your compliments. They really mean a lot. Yes, humour is so important to try and help us get by. I try to inject it whenever I can on my blog. Yes? Whenever the mood hits or I just stumble upon something I think is funny?

    And also. That lady up there is one of my “aliases.” The post where I needed to sort everyone out is off my front page now so if you didn’t catch it or need to keep track of everyone, here they are:


    Actually, Spock is another one as well but that’s another story.

    I checked out your blog and my, my! You seem to have a lot to deal with, too! However, I always say it is not a competition. I’ve Bookmarked you so I can come back and have a read sometime…hopefully? My blog reading has been abysmal for ages now *hangs head in shame*

    I am really med geeky if you don’t know so I am fascinated by your stimulator. Oooh…that almost sounds pretty dirty, doesn’t it? *laughing*

    I’ve researched VNS stuff for the bean so spinal cord? Indeed, good reading.

    And yes…life is just the shit, sometimes!

    Take care and come back anytime,


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