A “Dedication…”

So I blame Hannah over at Portrait of a Dreamer for this one! *laughing* She made me do it! I swear!

Yonder Daisy

Skipping through the forest
Trying to find a daisy
Haven’t had any a cuppa
So I’m feeling kinda hazy

Nothing to be found
Time to roam a bit around
Then what did I espy
With my one little hazy eye?

‘Twas posey yellow and white
But I knew I had to fight
Yonder daisy lay by highest fence
Oh, to climb I did not have the sense!

Determined I gave it my all
But oops, what a nasty fall!
Though that wee treasured daisy I got
Plucking petals one by one; love me or love me not…


  1. Got your email, came to check it out. Thank you very much for the dedication! I’m honoured. And I like the poem, I’m very jealous of people who can rhyme, I cannot do rhyme at all!

    If you have literary stuff you can post, maybe you should post some more often. There are a few people who post some really interesting literary stuff every so often. And I wouldn’t worry about being insane, I think most people round here are a little bit!

    And I’m going to try and work on communicating with healthcare professionals, seeing therapy dude this week and psychiatrist next week so have plenty of opportunities to practise! I’m terrible in appointments with my psychiatrist, never know what to say at all. I think it’s really good that Merlin 1 took what you wrote and is going to read it all, and good as well that he’s given you another appointment so soon, at least you’re forward quickly!


  2. Hi Hannah. Well, way, way, back…once upon a time… *laughing*… No, really, I did say in one post that I would be happy to “dedicate” posts to any of my readers. Not to mention MP3 of the Moment so I will take song dedications or requests for that as well.

    I’m glad you liked what I wrote with my couplet. Again, from the comment before I just “couldn’t resist” the silliness of it all! I actually wrote it on a notepad sitting outside having a cuppa and a cigarette. *laughing*

    Don’t sell yourself short, though. You can rhyme! All it takes is a wee bit of thought about what you want to want to write and then…just pause for a bit…a word or several will come.

    It may not be what you want right away but that is where the editing comes in. And maybe a bit more thought.

    Thanks for me not worrying about being insane. It’s okay; I know I am! As far as my writing? I am very protective of it and only certain people see it. Only a select few I trust.

    Thanks too about Merlin #1 and that’s really good about you moving forward as well! YAY! Just keep trying as best you can. Yes, it can be so difficult and I can’t tell for sure but your comment sounds like you have a positive attitude about it all?

    If so, YAY AGAIN!


  3. Hey!
    Sorry it’s taken me disgracefully long to reply to this comment! It’s good to be silly sometimes, we all need a bit of silliness. Trying to keep a positive attitude yes! So yay then lol.


  4. Hey back Hannah. Don’t worry about taking soooo long to get back. *shakes head* And you say “disgracefully long…” Oh, I love you…well, I won’t say…erm…my “lust” for UK accents but you are from Bel. and I know don’t mess with some Irish when you say UK!

    Will you beat for it me Hannah? Oh, dear. That sounds like a request. You will have to pardon me. I’ve had a few drinks. *wink*

    So there you go. Some silliness!

    But I do like a bit of “slap and tickle.” Or even more so…?

    Naughty PA *laughing*


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