Okay. After that last one, I didn’t think I’d get any comments! HA! I didn’t either.  Or haven’t yet.  ‘Geez…  Alright, let’s try and venture back into the online world.  PAs little online world? Tread carefully…?

I did get some things done.  I took a shower! *laughing* No, that’s silly talk.  However, I did write up all of my seizure stuff for my upcoming appt. at the Epilepsy Clinic.  I had to go all the way through my category (Cate”GORY?”) No, I mean…writing out the crap pre-referral was nothing.  I had already done that before seeing Arsey Neuro.

But get this.  Twenty episodes from my blog that I have used as a “Journal” to keep track? Who knows if I’ve missed anything else being in some whacked out post-“ick”tal© state or being so fed up I just couldn’t care anymore!

Plus I made some “Notes.”  And I may go back to the file to add more things? OMG, if this Neuro is just as arsey…I will be in sooo much trouble with what I’ve written.  Ah, feck it.  I needed to do this as the appt. is in a couple of weeks or so.  I needed to do it and it took me hours to put it all together.

I’m mobile, have a shite connection but beer is a nice relaxant so between the two, let’s see if I can talk to you all.

Is there such a thing as being “Electronically Non-Verbal?” If not, I think I just invented it.  And it has nothing to do with a bad wifi connection.


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