The greatest jewel on this earth is to be loved.  To be given the key to unlock another’s heart, a difficult, daunting task; yet it must be undertaken.

For what a gift!

Though that door may be locked time and time again, when you still have been given that key, it must always be cherished and held.

To love unconditionally?

And whether that door of the heart opens again or not, gently hold that key.  For really, it was never yours but a gift given.

Unconditional love does have but one “condition.”  It is to let your love go; and perhaps even allowing them to take their key back.  However, you still love them–and that is true love.

If two people can love each other unconditionally, as I believe so few can, they have the best chance at achieveing…


PA loves unconditionally.

I give you “Return To The Heart” by David Lanz.


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