Yes, it was on this day, one year ago, I got laid off from my job.  And that is what I called it: “Black Monday.”  I’m rather surprised that I’m not curled up in a foetal ball on the floor, sucking my thumb with a teddy bear clutched firmly to my chest.  Oh, and let’s not forget wee PA being wrapped in a “banky” as well.

No, no.

As they say on “The List,” losing your job is one of the most stressful things that can occur on one’s life.  I think some time after it happened, I rambled off a whole whack of others that I had recently been through so it was no surprise that my brain was totally being blown to bits (as it was.)  Have I had any more on “The List” that have happened in this year since the original “Black Monday?” Quite possibly but if I want to avoid going all foetal, best not to check. *rolls eyes*

I was feeling rather down about it all last night but perhaps I was feeling down about other things? I’m not sure as I was very tired and just so wiped out.  Today? I’m feeling somewhat more calm whereas you would think I’d be depressed as hell.  I’ve actually got some motivation to apply for jobs! Now that’s quite something, isn’t it?

Perhaps I’ll get lucky since this is such a pukey day (and I don’t mean just the awful weather outside!) *laughing* Maybe I’ll get hired with an application I send in today.  Wouldn’t that be some wicked Karma in action?

It was funny too.  I was emailing a friend from my job before my last job (the one I am talking about now) and he was telling me that a bunch of guys we worked with liked me.  Like, romantically.  I wasn’t out at the time but still, I had no clue. More Asperger’s in action? However, in looking back, I now see how mean they were to me and how they treated me like dirt when I used to hang around with this bunch.

I was Bipolar as all get out and swinging from the rafters then.  Yes, the Big Party Girl, indeed! And yet…still missing the social cues that they were making fun of me when I thought, ‘I was part of the club.’  No, not so.  Not at all!

Over this year, people (some…) have told me that this could mean I will move on to something better! Something even more fantastic than what I had where I was! I find that hard to believe as the last place where I worked was…how to find the words…

Let’s just say that a year later, I am still heartbroken as I loved it there so much and will never stop loving it.  I was truly blessed to work there.  And yes.  I was part of “the club” and everyone accepted me no matter how completely insane and mental I was! They all knew and didn’t care.  Well, they cared, most definitely–like when I went totally nuts and landed in hospital etc…  You can’t ask for a better group of colleagues than that.

So, hopefully when I end up “somewhere” it will be at least as good.


  1. I wish you immense luck with your job search. :)


  2. Hi antiSWer. Applying as I type this. Well, not really. I’m typing this as I type this. *laughing*

    But you get it. Just bounced over to my blog for a sec’. I am actually shooting out as many that are deemed appropriate. I’m getting a bit tired though. How many have I done, now?

    Six. Sometimes they have these crazy online forms that you have to go through and it takes so long. Plus, I have some “non-negotiables” as they say. Makes the searching even more difficult.

    Thank you so much though. It means a lot.


  3. Hoping all goes well as you look for a job.


  4. Hi Rose Burkholder. Thank you so much for your support as well.

    I said up there to antiSWer that I had done six but I quit after seven. I was just getting too worn out and I was running into positions I had already applied for. Don’t make the mistake of applying twice!

    So afterward, I had some fun working on another “project” I needed to do.


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