A Lot of Patience Goes a Little Way

I am laughing so hard right now and perhaps some of the folks that know me on Twitter may be as well? You see, things got a little bit exciting this evening (for me at least) and there was some talk about being impulsive and going to pubs and that was that! I’m outta here! Or…there? My flat? Because I’m not there…I’m here…

No matter.

Also, I had a rather busy and somewhat stressful day so why not go for some liquid gold; a naughty form of nature’s elixir to relax a bit? I told the Twitter gang that if I could get a wifi connection, I would soon meet them back online (and continue applying for jobs as I was doing at home.)


Well, how the bloody hell long have I been here, trying to get things working? I can’t even remember when I left but I think I’ve been here now, trying to get things up and running for about two hours now? *PA shakes head* It seems my usual floaty wifi ain’t cookin’ so good.

Not to mention that Twitter seems to be having its own issues. However, I know that my issues aren’t helping their issues. Or vice versa. Or something. What it all comes down to is, I’m pretty much technologically screwed right now and I don’t even know if this post will make it! Thank goodness for the WP feature of autosave, eh?

So I just thought it would be fun to toss this up considering it’s taken me so many hours to actually get where the hell I am with things. And forget gmail. No chance there at all! That was completely pointless–no way!

Also, I hope this looks alright as it automagically set me up for a New Post in HTML view and that is not the standard. You always get Visual. Pfft.

Cheers to the fun of technology!


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