I went to go see my “new” Neuro yesterday at the Epilepsy Clinic where I was referred to from regular, arsey Neuro. Ugh, I’ll get to that but let’s just say “Double Arsey-ness!”

Lots of things I suppose but the bottom line is that the “next step” is a VEEG.  That would be a Video EEG.  I wasn’t particularly surprised by this as it is…well, basically the next step.  After things were getting worse before, I had a Sleep Deprived EEG (that of course showed nothing.)  So now, more intensive monitoring.

The VEEG is going to suck royally.  I will seriously be a prisoner! I was told that I will be in a room with about four other patients (wha…other patients…???…no, please!!!) God, real prisoners in cells only have one “roommate!” Can’t I just have one other person in with me? It will last an average of maybe two weeks, I can perhaps wander around the ward for a minute or less but then, back to the room! I’ll also be all “Borg’d up,” indeed!

I’m kind of regretting this post now.

There is a significant waiting list–like months.  However, it may shrink down if they can’t reach people, if the people decide they don’t want to do it etc…  When it’s “my turn,” I will be called and have to get prepared to be admitted in one to two days!!! Gee, now that isn’t anxiety provoking, is it? Just sit around and wait and then jump like the devil? OMG.

Ah, yes.  Also since I can’t leave, no smoking? I was bitching about it all to J. who came along and a very nice woman in the waiting room said that when she was in prior, they can give you “The Patch.”  Hmmm, maybe my VEEG will make me stop smoking? She also said the nurses were just fab.  I joked back to her, that was good because we’re on the Neurology Floor so we’re all crazy!

Also, arsey Neuro #2 (maybe I should start capitalizing the “a’s?”) is just as bad as my regular.  He wouldn’t even take a look at all of the information I had prepared noting all of my seizure history in great detail.  He just wanted to “talk” and asked some tough questions that were hard for me to answer.  At least I had my notes to refer to as so much has happened! I didn’t give any eye contact and even though I was kind of nervous, I don’t think it was anything to do with the Asperger’s, really.  I was just pissed off and I didn’t think he deserved my eye contact! *laughing*

Some good things? Visitors are allowed so I won’t necessarily feel like I’m an ostracized, caged animal.  I can wear my own clothes.  The only meds he’s going to screw with are my Lamictal/Lamotrigine and my Frisium/Clobazam (thankfully…)  Could you imagine the loss of my Seroquel/Quetiapine? It would be like a potential, two week, Sleep Deprived EEG!!! I’m a Chronic Insomniac!!! Although, I did mention what if I started to slip and slide a bit with the Bipolar? The Lamictal has been great for that.  He simply said a psychiatrist would be available. *sighs* Great.

But…this is actually, really good. One “Blessed, Glory Be” out of it all? I can bring all of my electronic gadgets and gizmos to keep myself occupied! baby MacBook, iPod, my mobile too? I even have an old Nintendo…is it a…DS? Whatever!

I don’t know if they’ll have Internet access like when I was hospitalized for my psych stay two years ago and I blogged like a fiend.  If not, you’ll all just have to wait until I “get released” to read about everything.  Make no mistake, though, folks.  You can bet I will be blogging about it!


  1. Sounds pretty scary! I don’t think I could do that. What all will they be monitoring? (I have no idea about EEGs) I would definitely get cabin fever from that!


  2. That sounds horrid, Take a knife with you in case someone tries to rape you.


  3. Hi Hannah. I don’t know if it will be all that scary. I think it will just be completely boring! Lots of DVDs? Lots of writing? Lots of music? Maybe some other technophiles with be there and we can swap movies? *rolls eyes*

    However, I was looking at things last night re: procedures and some people ended up going down the Sleep Deprived route. They may have not done that before as I did, though. Plus second Arsey Neuro said he wasn’t going to mess with my Seroquel. ‘Geez, with my luck, watch that change, huh?

    EEGs monitor your brain waves (four of them usually–Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta but sometimes Gamma, too.) For the purpose of epilepsy, they look for changes during a seizure when they would appear different: spikes or waves.

    They are notoriously unreliable for your basic “first” one and even for your “second” one–usually a Sleep Deprived. That is because it generally lasts only about a half hour in an outpatient setting. Even for people with intractable epilepsy, it is so hard to “catch a seizure in action” for such a brief period.

    So…try to get me to seize while I am there for a longer period? Plus, lower a couple of my Anticonvulsants to help?

    However, what I was thinking of and forgot was the video part! Oh, man! I’m going to be constantly “watched!” Maybe it won’t be so bad to have more people in the room as they’ll be on video too! *laughing* Maybe we can put together some kind of comedy skit! *laughing even harder*

    Indeed, though, I think I’ll get cabin fever for sure!

    Hi Archkittens. You’re too funny. Again, I think I’ll be safe because of the video monitoring and also because I will be inpatient so there will be lots of folks running around in case someone “attacks” me!


  4. It is still important to take ownership of the defense of your body… no one can be trusted to do things for you.


  5. Hi Archkittens. Oh, you are definitely right. I’ve never had any problems with six psych hospitalizations before if we are at least talking about that.


  6. I think it’s the being watched part I would have the biggest problem with, I would really hate that. I suppose lots of dvd time isn’t too bad though, especially if it means they might be able to figure out more about your seizures.

    Brain waves sounds very complicated, had no idea there were so many, actually I doubt I’ve ever really thought about brain waves except maybe in a physics class.

    I guess as long as you got on with the other people though it might not be so bad, unless it turned into some of the big brother like situations! And you’ve no idea when this is going to happen?


  7. Hi Hannah. Good to see you as you just popped up there. I wasn’t even going to sign on today and yes, DVDs…heh…I’m verging on writing today’s post in my own comment section!

    Indeed. The whole video part! I guess I can only wait and see how it “feels.” One of the meds I am currently on is Valium/Diazepam 5mg once to twice daily prn. So maybe if I start to get kind of freaked out, I can start eating two a day to try and calm down! Or…there is the lovely offer for me to see a psychiatrist. I’ve never had an inpatient psych stay at this hospital so watch him be “Arsey Psychiatrist!”

    If so, maybe I can make an SOS call to Merlin #1. I am allowed visitors! So even if for some “crazy” reason I could only see their hospital Arsey Psychiatrist, Merlin #1 could pose as one of my relatives? *laughing*

    Yes, the waves. I’ve tried to look into what some of the epileptiform ones look like with certain seizures and some are definitely unmistakable. Nonetheless, you would need to be trained to really understand what the hell you are looking at.

    With my last two, they were done by the same guy (sooo sweet and nice…) and with one, he did something no tech should ever do. I was geeking out about some types of wave formations (one that would mean I was in a coma!) and when I was done, he showed me some of my beta wave changes vs. the photic stimulation waves.

    The photic stimulation is a strobe light that goes progressively faster but you do have your eyes closed. I told him that during this one (my Sleep Deprived) my eyes were really going more nuts than before. I still wasn’t quite sure of what I was looking at and if it was enough to “qualify” as epileptiform and of course, he couldn’t tell me that! That would be going too far for a tech!

    Also, he had another patient coming in so I had to skedaddle. Still, it was pretty neat to see the changes in the wave forms from the strobe and then the ones with what my eyes were doing as the strobe kept going faster and faster!

    Okay, sorry. Geekiness Factor over? Oh, and you get an extra point as I never studied Physics. HA!

    True, let’s hope the other folks aren’t a bunch of idiots or weirdos. I shouldn’t say that, though. I don’t judge people. Plus, after six psych stays, I’ve seen quite the interesting population in hospital settings! These folks have epilepsy, though and well…maybe more too but I think I’ll win the “Comorbidity Contest!” I might be the nuttiest one of them all in the room! *laughing*


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