All Canadian MP3 of the Moment Series

NOTE: This is long.

I haven’t ran a series on MP3 of the Moment in a while now and one that has been on my mind for ages is, yes, an all Canadian artist one.  But who? How many? Stick to a certain period or genre? *PA scratches head*

Well technically, PA “owns” MP3 of the Moment.  Wait.  No technically about it! I’ve had MP3 of the Moment running ever since I started blogging and that was waaayyy back on Blogger before I migrated to WP! So, indeed! MP3 of the Moment is mine!

Therefore, MP3 of the Moment™ will now be written as such.  I just may or may not bold font it when I type it. *PA ponders* Well, if it’s not written excessively, sure.  I bold font all of my other Trademarks.

So, on with the show.  Not to mention, I found TouYubes for all the songs and groups! Some of them may look kind of cheesy as they are from the 80s.  Yes, I stuck within my “coming of age” genre but I just had the most options there.

Number One: “Misunderstanding” by Grapes of Wrath.  These gents hailed from Kelowna, British Columbia and were very popular.  This came off their first album “September Bowl of Green” and was basically their first single.  It is still my favourite song they have ever done.  They no longer exist after various incarnations.  Plus, a couple of them grew their hair out later so they looked like groovin’ hippies.  Much better than in this TouYube.

Number Two: “April Fool” by Chalk Circle.  This gang came from Newcastle, Ontario.  What can we say here.  This is just a good song? A great one? And the TouYube isn’t too 80s insane.

Number Three: “Nova Heart” by Spoons.  Formed in Burlington, Ontario and a lot of people like to say “The” in front of their name.  Also immensely popular and if you ever attended one of their shows, there would be a major screamfest over the keyboard player! Well, all of the guys were good looking but Rob Preuss won the race by far! Also, great to see a woman playing Bass Guitar–Sandy Horne. I have an extended version I’m going to stream that is better but this is the single version.

Number Four: And finally (congratulations if you’ve finished!) what would PAs blog be without getting a bit naughty! Oh, Rough Trade! This was the “real shocker!”

I give you “High School Confidential” by Rough Trade.  And yes, the singer Carol Pope is gay.  Duh.


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