I’ve never done this before.  Made a post as I’ve just woken up from sleep.  Comments, yes.  They can tend to be a bit jarring, garbled, who knows! A post?

I just sort of grabbed something that came to my fogged up mind and it was/is about Lucid Dreaming.  I was trying to do it this night/morning.  Lucid Dreaming is where you are at a certain level of consciousness and you can actually change and manipulate your dreams.  No, it’s true.  I think the last time I did it successfully, I was a teenager.

So, yes.  I was engaging in trying to do that.  I don’t know if I was that sucessful because every time I tried to alter my dreams I woke up! Bugger.

I do know that when waking up I have plagued by emotions that are not very pleasant.  Like a few days ago when I woke up and felt a terrible sense of betrayal.  Today? Today is guilt.

It may have to do with an email I sent last night.  I didn’t receive any response but… *shrug* that’s just how it goes.  Still, I thought I might.  I makes me wonder if it was something I said.  Well, someone has to tell you if you said something that was out of line or wrong.  I don’t have an “Automatic Retardometer™” in my head.

Blech.  So there’s a kind of first thing in the morning post? Just waking up post? It’s actually not that bad is it? Relatively coherent and I’m not sounding like some bizarre freak? Don’t worry, PA doesn’t wake up cranky, just groggy.

I had an entire other idea in mind for a post so I’ll put that up later? I just thought this might be an interesting thing to do.  Ramble away pretty much straight out of bed! That means sans meds too.

EDIT: Except for this one. I think I won’t edit this either–as hard as that urge may be…  Just so we can get the raw core of PA waking up.  I might have done a couple on the fly but yes, leave as is?


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