More Remote Clusterfuckery!

Yes, PA is a “Lady” and you can take her out to formal “Galas.”  She has been to some but bloody hell! Nice to get out of the flat to work? Apparently not???

A couple of hours now? Same as before. Get the blog up but fuck gmail! So let’s try this as an “excrement-y” test post.  Indeed, PA has a trashmouth but is also erudite to some degree? Hence some form of profanity above.

And I did have some idea/s for a post tonight.  Maybe when I get home or if I can “keep it up” tonight while out.

Sorry, told you I was dirty and profane. *wink*


  1. dirty and profane? Yum! Of course, that explains why you got hired to do the whole Federal election thing :P

    (can’t say much as I’m trying to get on for our May 12th provincial election coming up myself)


  2. Hi Arkay. Indeed, you know me well enough by now! And please! Do not remind of THAT complete clusterfuck of a nightmare! I swear, if anyone asks me about doing it themselves, I will scream: “NOOOO!!!”

    And then promptly drop to the floor with the horror of recalling it all.

    Well, good luck with your election but as I said. Do NOT work for it!!!


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