First, my PSA.  And that would not be Prostate Specific Antigen–especially since I’m a woman! I’m sorry, I love that joke and make it whenever I can. *laughing* No, Public Service Announcement.

I mentioned on Twitter and in a prior post that Medic-Alert in Canada has a Free Membership Program sponsored by their Donors. This is a very good thing for PA who is not working at the moment! If you or anyone else needs one, check the link out or if in another country, check with Medic-Alert where you live.

So, I called Medic-Alert as I thought I had better add Asperger’s to the already long list of ridiculous maladies that I already have! A good idea just in case I do something flippy on top of everything else that can make me flippy.

I do recall going non-verbal when having a seizure once with J.  Now, was that a part of the seizure or was it Asperger’s business? Who on earth knows??? I only know that I have only gone non-verbal twice while having a seizure.  The above and during a Complex Partial Seizure when I didn’t remember a damn thing afterward! That is because you lose consciousness but you still look like you are conscious! A very large “the lights are on but nobody’s home!”

And who knows if there have been any others as I would not remember.  Nonetheless, I do not believe so? However, I think I’ve been going a bit more non-verbal lately due to the Asperger’s.


I was told they have “expert engravers” so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Well, let’s see now…how good will Emergency Responders’ or even any civilian’s eyesight need to be: ADD, Bipolar, Epilepsy, GERD and now Asperger’s! Not to mention my membership number and the 1-800 telephone number to call. I think that’s it? *PA goes to look for old bracelet* Actually, I forgot another item that will be on my new one. I have an allergy or a severe sensitivity to “Sulfa Drugs.” They are a type of Antibiotics.

Gee? Do you think that’s enough to engrave on one of their tiny, little, silver shields? Oh, yes.  I decided to leave Migraines off of it. Again, I think the list is fine the way it is!

So, I called and apparently, I wasn’t “there.” Well, my old profile was as I had worn a bracelet before when I was on a class of Antidepressants called MAOIs years ago.  There are issues with those regarding some dietary restrictions and medication contraindications.  The fact that my application had somehow gotten lost or something was rather a good thing as the Asperger’s needed to be added.

Conveniently, I had an appt. with Merlin #1 and we pored over the form and AHA! There was no fax number on it! There was just an address.  The fax number is listed only on the web page where the link takes you above.

Alright, more waiting but whatever.  It’ll show up eventually.  I’ll be spastic eternally so in the grand scheme…? *laughing again*


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