I’m Cycling, Caught It for First Time but…Valium! Stat!

Hey! Why not take the Valium/Diazepam that I have! Just throw it down my gullet! I don’t know if it will do much but you never know!

For those of you that don’t know, I am an Ultradian Cycler.  I have written about this on my blog before and I apologize since I am so out of my mind at the moment…I will not link to Wiki about it.  However, I have before so either search my blog or Google the Wiki link.  It gives a very good and concise explanation.

I am a very, very, very fast Ultradian Cycler.  In fact (as written here before) I can go between 24-48 hours or so.  I have joked that it is often a blessing in disguise as you cycle so fast…then done! HAHAHA!

Fuck that…well…  What I am trying to say is that, when you are Bipolar and you cycle in whatever form, it isn’t much fun at all.

Also, tonight I felt (even though for the first time ever, I caught it, felt it coming on…W00t!…Mental W00t!)


Something went kind of wonky.  I was going high.  You know, a bit (hypo)manic but then I got all spastic and stupid and felt all weird and awkward.  Even though I was so hyper, everything I would do, it would be wrong or I would feel wrong…

OMFG.  A happy marriage of Bipolar Cycling and Asperger’s?

I’m going to hide away under my bed now and say goodbye to all of you.  And swallow a whole lot of meds to try and get me through this…

Take care,



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