Nice Planet, Wish I Was Here…

I wasn’t even going to log on to my blog today (or who knows when in the future…) but I found this gem while job searching and thought it would be such a terrible travesty to not share it with all of you.  Some alterations (emphasis mine) and edits made for anonymity:

Personal Assistant

Very experienced and upscale housekeeper–WTF???, personal assistant, MASSEUSE–OMFG!, dependable, with computer bookkeeping and MS office skills, UNIFORM–OMFG! (…what, a little French Maid’s Costume?) biweekly, (bi-…erm…sexual…?) long term for (edit: location deleted) professional, resume and references for immediate interview. NOTE: Only telephone number listed in ad.

So, what do you think? Should I call and apply? This is a real ad, too.  I’m not kidding! Perhaps I should try and do a “reverse look up” for the number find out who on earth this person is! Chances are, unlisted?

I’ll get back to comments, emails etc…as soon as I can.  As always, thanks for your patience everyone when PA gets a little “slow.”


  1. LMAO Sounds like you’re a little overqualified, doll ;)


  2. Hi Catatonic Kid *laughing* Do you really think so? *PA pauses and re-reads ad*

    You know, on second thought, you may be right. Except for the housekeeping, perhaps? *winks back*


  3. Well, there is that but by the sounds of the ad it may not be as important as the ability to stand for long periods of time in high-heels. LOL


  4. Hi Catatonic Kid. LMAO! Or should I say: “Laughing my heels off?” It’s been a while since I’ve had to do that, so I guess I would need some practice? *raises eyebrows*

    And I did get those awesome (possibly CFMB) Nine West boots not long ago…


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