I Know What I’ll be Doing Today!

FUCK! Submission deadline in two days that I just “remembered” when checking my email! I only started the first draft yesterday.

*PA sighs*

It’s for a contest (but again, with the “Biggie” gang) and the cash they’re doling out would surely come in handy.

Not that I actually expect to win or anything! Good lord! Still, it’s got to be really good.  For the genre…crap, millions of stories out there so I have to be so original and…  I just don’t know.

I had come up with the typical basics of the genre (or some?) already in my head–write them down–try and think of any more.  Then, it was coming up with the storyline and plot, any twists/devices if possible, character/s etc…  Then the fucking research (that I still have to do!)

The whole thing is just scrawled down on a notepad (yes, the good old fashioned way!) so I’ve only estimated my word count and need to type it all out.  And I’ve never even done this genre before! Contemplated, yes.  But never written any form of it! Maybe sung a little song about it in my head? Yes, definitely.

Well, then! Think of it all as an adventure? A very painful one? That, of course, will yield no results.  Except the satisfaction to know that I do have “that special quality” to drive myself insane in 48 hours or less. (I think I know this already, though.)

Writing (or another form of art, anything really, where you wish to do well) is just like a sport.  You have to keep exercising, “working out” and flexing your muscles.  Gee? How funny? I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about here.

I have to get back to everyone in PA Land, as well.  Ugh.  Oh, dear…sorry…that “Ugh” wasn’t about you folks in PA Land.  It was about my brain! Anyway, let’s get that water for tea boiling and try to accomplish some things!

OMG, I have to remember to go out and do some “stuff” today as well.

I am a Royal Mess. *laughing* And I have already taken my meds! Let’s hope it’s a “good” Biphentin day and it will really get me going with the AD(H)D Hyperfocusing!


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