Rules Were Made to be Broken

I deleted the last post I wrote.  Why? Because it was entirely stupid and had absolutely no point (beyond me bitching) therefore, take it down! Not to mention, it was also repetitive.  I had asked within it, was I becoming boring? Well! Nothing’s more, bloody, boring than someone being repetitive (although my mentalness does make me do that–the Asperger’s and the ADD.)

Also, I have Password Protected posts in the past.  I have never done that before!

So, as a result of these goings on, the “Rule Book” (or merely, “The Rule”) has gone out the window!

Yes, I am breaking it.  I already have.  My “Blogging Space-Time Continuum.”

If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about, quite simply, it means anything I would post would never be removed because as soon as I posted it, as soon as I hit “click!” someone out there could or would have already been reading it.  Hell,  if it was a short post, they could have finished it! In that manner, a piece of PA was then made “permanent” somewhere.  Someone knew.  What was written became carved in mental stone, not only then, within the technological.

Spock and I spoke about this and he said that, indeed, it was an important concept as far as I had stated it regarding my blog.  Humans are capable of time travel, at least, within the blogosphere.  To go forward with my information–that could definitely shape events and outcomes.  To go backward and finding the information gone–that could definitely shape events and outcomes as well.

An argument not really against all of this, is that Spock and I concluded that even though I am not a proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in some forest, I really am just a blogger–granted, you could also say that the butterfly is just a butterfly.

So, the best place we can arrive, then, is “Cause and Effect.”  Which is still a factor of the Space-Time Continuum but in a lesser form? *PA rolls eyes in illogical fashion*

Spock also reminded me politely, that cause and effect refers to my own self, as well.  I can do something for some reason (my cause) and then there will be an effect.  Like deleting that last post off my blog.  I did it because it sucked and the effect is some embarrassment due to the people that did read it.  However, another effect is relief from the people who never will!


  1. You blog rebel you! ;)

    (and it didn’t totally suck *grin*)

    i think you do have a strong chunk of the PA = ‘butterfly’ thing going on tho (by how people do sometimes react to what you write). Although, it is ENTIRELY their choice to do so… that’s why i never understand people slagging others in the blog world – if you don’t like something, just go somewhere else, there’s like totally millions of other places to visit :P


  2. The problem is that we have too many rules. We need some but not too much. Their excess provokes us to break them, and to unveil their exceptions to us.


  3. Hi Arkay, you’re funny…a blog rebel. Well, really, I only rebelled against myself, I think! *PA ponders* I wonder how often I do that? Actually, probably a fair bit!

    Thanks about the “butterfly” thing as I am sure you are thinking about my comment section? That said, I would hope my “wings” are having a positive effect!

    I’ve been very, very lucky on my blog re: trolls and such. No one has certainly been mean to me or anything. No, PAs Playground is a good place to be.

    Only rarely have I gotten a couple of folks who have “objected to” or questioned or challenged what I have written and for one (he questioned my ability to research things) I just loaded a massive pile of it on him in my returned comment. *laughing* I never heard from him again! *laughing even harder*

    The only other one that comes to mind immediately is the guy about the whole “suturing” business. I kept reassuring everyone that, yes, it was extreme (extremely!) However, I was alright, I knew what I was doing (I was going to become a nurse if that helped.) I posted a “Trigger” and “Warning,” I practically SCREAMED at everyone NEVER to do what I did.

    A lot of other bloggers came to my defense and that felt very good. Eventually the guy just left. Oh. Also, he kept tossing arguments at me and I kept blowing them to bits and explaining to him that his logic was circular and basically becoming a downward spiral the more he kept writing.

    So there!

    You are correct, as well. If you don’t like what you are reading…move along, move along…

    Hi mariana. Welcome to my blog as I don’t think I have seen you here before.

    That is a very interesting perspective. Indeed, we do need certain rules to maintain an orderly society but not too many to make us feel like we are trapped and/or caged beasts.


  4. Txs my new friend, check my crazy blog whenever you have sometime, I think you are going to be intrested in some stuff. by the way your’s is pretty cool


  5. Hi mariana, and thanks for calling me your new friend. *grin*

    Thank you also for your compliment about my blog.

    I like your De(c)k, too: “Diagonally parked in a parallel universe” That made me laugh.

    I’ve got you Bookmarked so I’ll come back and read when I can get a chance.

    Again, thank you so much for the compliments and talk soon? Come back whenever you want!

    Take care,


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