Dear Universe,

Please open up and accept me.

Bestow upon me things, either “good” or “bad” as human eyes are wont to perceive them.

Help me to have the clarity of vision to not see them in such light but as the gifts that they really are…and always have been as the ones that you have sent me before.




  1. if you are deceived you will find yourself trapped in all the lies as it strangles your freedom and oneness with the Universe. So just avoid it.


  2. So… it’s possible the answer to your prayer is a flu pandemic? The Universe does work in some wicked ways.

    Hope your brain doesn’t hurt too much Purple ninJAH.


  3. No, it’s not a flu,I think I am having an alergic reaction to the universe which was caused by an emotional disturbance. How can I expalin it to you?Lets see, I recently read this quote “There is an unlimited number of limited people” and each time somone reafirms it, it makes me feel hopless, like there are no options that couold lead to a better future.
    (please let me know next time you are arround, so I bring my decadron)


  4. Hi marianasoffer/mariana and Gabriel….

    Did either of you happen to notice the “Literary” Tag/Category?

    Apparently not so I guess I could have listed it just under that?

    And perhaps this may add a point of interest to your debate. “The Universe” has just Royally Shit upon me in a magnitude of a…well a “PA”ndemic for which there is no cure!

    I am sorry if I am sounding a bit rude to you. I do not wish to be so, for you know that is not me. However, as above, I have just been hit.

    Now I have to deal.


  5. You have all the right for being rude, I excuse myself for being rude, I just couldn’t help answering this guy named gabriel that way. I guess next time I will try to be above rudness.
    And I repeat to you, you did not diserve my disrespects, I am sorry.


  6. Hi mariana, you were not being rude. Or at least I don’t think so.

    First, I can write some cryptic posts at times and people either may not understand where I am coming from, they may comment here in a way as you both did or they may not comment at all.

    Second, Gabriel… may have been responding to me.

    Third, I always allow my commenters to say whatever they wish as long as they are not trolls, do not pick on other each other, anyone else in the blogosphere etc… This is a positive space and a safe one for all. Plus, I am a very firm believer in Free Speech.

    Fourth, I could barely even read either of your comments as I had just received my bad news and was highly reflexive due to that fact. I just shot out my own comment back! I still am so oh, dear. Messy blog posts ahead? Maybe I shouldn’t make any at all!

    I always am courteous to my commenters because I love them all. It means so much to me when anyone takes the time to read my posts and respond.


  7. It shows you are a very warm person, I like your style, do not worry please, I see worst things are going on in your life right now. I am perfectly happy exchanching comments with you, besides I already have you on my blog.
    Take care, and try to have a good time.


  8. Hi mariana, thank you so much for the compliments. They mean a lot to me. Oh, I am on your blog, also? I am so very flattered. I actually have you Bookmarked but haven’t had the time to come back and have a decent read. I will try, though.


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