More PA Blog Public Embarrassment

So, I eventually was “forced out” of my flat that became a sauna. I went to read a weekly, lefty, city rag to (of course) look for jobs (where usually there are none.) However, they sometimes have some good articles, music reviews, lots of “Adult Advertisements…” Ah, yes. PA could become an Escort. Erm…no. I don’t think so.

So, I’m turning the pages and reading what suits and all of the sudden, I see this (rather small but no matter!) ad for a hoodie made by American Apparel.  There were four pictures of a girl wearing it and they were all shot in…well…uhhh…stages?

Oh, fuck me! I guess I’d just get right into it then!

So, the first one, she’s got it done up, the second, it’s unzipped a bit more, the third…what the hell? I think…no, I don’t think, I DO see something there!

The fourth? I’m laughing as I’m looking at it now.  Yes…I brought it home but not for that purpose!!! I just wanted to get it all (well…not straight…haha) but “correct” for my post.  But the last shot! It’s not completely revealing but…it doesn’t leave much to the imagination!

Not to mention, by that point, she was now standing up and wearing these short-shorts that were pulled below her belly button.

Good Lord, American Apparel! Are you feeling the “squeeze” of your “butt”dget? Again, it was a small ad but whoa! The Power of Advertising! It sure made me want to buy that hoodie! *laughing*

Now, you’re still probably wondering why this is so embarrassing blog-wise as far as PA?

Well, I did have a laugh at bringing it home as I can think of nothing more redonculous as me masturbating to an American Apparel Ad! *PA almost falling over laughing*

However, I have no clue how long I stared at it in the paper. *laughing* No, really.  It was somewhere between the song I was listening to and then the next one that came up on Shuffle.  Then at some point, my brain said: “I don’t want to listen to that…”  But OMG, I was killing myself for the remainder of the time it took me to finish reading everything.

I’m still laughing now.

Oh.  Then, after it was all over? Guess what came up on “Shuffle?” Ugh.  “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake.



If you don’t know the song, I’ll stream it now.  I have before.  It’s awesome.


  1. oh, you are so damned cute!

    Nice to know it’s not just us (self?)deprived ‘nice’ guys that get caught up in the odd really well done add featuring a sensually attractive girl.


  2. Hi Arkay. Thanks. Yes, it was all rather funny, I suppose.

    I don’t know. I’m asinine (“ass”inine?) on my blog so much so who knows?

    Sorry. I know we banter back and forth more but not doing so well at the moment.

    Some serious personal work ahead…


  3. We have all been there. Somehow I arrived at your blog via a search for music blogs. nevermind.

    Rock music punk music – all the great stuff comes from bands who kick against the status quo.

    Andras – session guitarist and rock guitarist


  4. Hi Andras. You may have been directed, or re-directed here, via a search engine (or other means), because I stream my own music on my blog. Even still, thanks for coming by, welcome, and leaving a comment.

    I agree with you how much music is important in our lives. It’s all about creative expression. It can even go beyond music, and encompass all of “Art,” in general.

    We need to have such outlets in order to “communicate” on a different level, right? I know I feel that way. The more standard, or mainstream ways simply aren’t enough.

    Take care,


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