This blog may start to become (more) weird than it already is.  Be prepared for mad posting sprees, writing that may or may not make any damn sense, random TouYubes if I can find them that I may or may not say anything about, MP3s that I may or may not say anything about…who knows what else.

I could take “a blogging break” but no.  In no goddamn way could I keep myself from doing so.  Share the love? Share the insanity.  So, I just thought I should give you all fair warning.  Perhaps I should make this a Page and not a Post?

EDIT: There.  I made it a Page, too.  Hopefully, people will read it if they need to.

EDIT: Just so you know, this isn’t attention seeking behaviour.

PA isn’t Passive-aggressive.  That can actually tend to freak her out as she had to deal with enough of it growing up as a kid.  No, this kind of craziness happened once before some time ago and a blogger she knew “offblog” said to her: “What the hell is up with you???”

I was in a rough spot then; I’m in rough spot now.

I wanted to add this to the “Danger Will Robinson!” Post and Page.  Just so no one gets confused.


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