Mental Traffic

Indeed, RSS Feeds, other Readers and all of that shit lure people in but me going batshit crazy is doing some fabbo things for my stats! Not that I care.  I always say, “I’m not a Stats Whore.”  I just find it interesting.  Even more so now?

Maybe if I really get going on something completely over the top…well, my, my! So far, I’m only writing “Dingbat Drivel…”


  1. I think you are suffering from information overload which is clouding your mind view.
    I recomend reducing the information flow through the brain either by deleting rss, not reading them, or whatever method you can think of


  2. Hi mariana. I will not argue with your “information overload” or some such, something like that? Indeed, I have a lot going on in my silly, crazy mind.

    I do not RSS anyone or anything like that. I can barely keep up as it is. It was just an observation of my stats as I checked them at one point.

    That’s all. Thanks.


  3. You misunderstood me (probably cause of my English), what I meant to say is that if you where subscribed to tons of rss from other blogs you also have that extra information to handle on top of the info that is visible.
    By the way do you have any clue about how do people pump their rankings with rss? I am asking this not cause I want to do it but cause I need to calculate blog rankings for work, and I want to prevent elevating the rankings of the people who inflate their own rankings.

    Thank you very much my new friend


  4. Hi mariana, not to worry about your English, it’s alright. We seem to be communicating just fine.

    I am not an expert regarding RSS Feeds and other Readers out there. Quite simply because I don’t use them. I could be totally N00b’ing myself out here (and a N00b is a geek term for a “newbie” who knows nothing and is a loser) but if someone has you on their “feed” in whatever form…you’ll just “show up.”

    Now, whether they choose to “read you,” that being a “click” to your post or even…just showing up on your blog?

    Tracking traffic is notoriously unreliable. Especially with blogs. Even with massive corporate websites. It’s really hard.

    I’ve had very weird things happen because I’ve gotten picked up by some very large medical/psych “websites” and not necessarily blogs…and then it’s been like a…I don’t know…it’s just gone further! I don’t even know how it happened as I’m not some superstar blogger.

    One person who would probably know a lot about this is my friend Gabriel… that you met before in that post. He’s really good regarding these types of things.

    If you’d like, I could maybe talk to him or you could give me your questions and I could relay them?


  5. That would be really helpful from your side, thank you very much (It has already been helpful).
    The web is so weird, nowadays I am crawling all the Argentinian sites, and the crawler get’s stuck in some kind of black holes and never get’s out of them unless I intervene. 80% of those black holes end up being real state company websites.
    By the way I check your profile, and I am also pretty interested in psychiatric disorders/orders, how the mind works, how the brain works, consciousness, language, currently I am fascinated with the neuroplasticity of the brain.
    Do you know Natasha Mitchell radio show, it used to be really god (I hadn’t listened it the last 5 month’s)

    By the way if you ever want to chat my msn is marianasoffer (at) hotmail (dot) com (not today cause I am going to sleep as soon as I finish organizing a program I am doing)


  6. Hi mariana. I agree. The ‘web is so weird as it is just that: “A Web!” It’s uncontrollable!

    I’m curious about your “crawling” and that. What you mean and ending up stuck in Real Estate Companies? Again, I’m not sure what you are doing (maybe technologically) but perhaps it may have something to do with being in Argentina. I don’t know. Perhaps (and I’m just guessing or thinking) that different countries do all sorts of shit with their networking and ISPs and who knows?

    That’s wicked that you’re into all of the things that I am completely into! We can definitely talk about that and neuroplasticity is very fascinating! I’ve been having “high hopes” for it for a while. Yes, please let us rebuild our brains! I know I sure need to!

    Thanks for the link to the program. No, I’ve never heard of it.
    Also, thanks for your chat address. I do not alter comments on my blog but I’m going to with yours because of the email address. It could definitely load you with spam!

    Take care,


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