Oh, This Isn’t Attention Seeking Behaviour by the Way

PA isn’t Passive-aggressive.  That can actually tend to freak her out as she had to deal with enough of it growing up as a kid.  No, this kind of craziness happened once before some time ago and a blogger she knew “offblog” said to her: “What the hell is up with you???”

I was in a rough spot then; I’m in rough spot now.

I should add this to the “Danger Will Robinson!” Post and Page.  Just so no one gets confused.


  1. Sorry to hear that you aren’t having a good time of things, I hope you feel better soon, I will be online well into the night, like usual, if you need to talk. *hugs*


  2. wow, Holey multiple blog postings Batman! (gonna take me some time just to catch up on just reading them even :P) – look for semi-coherent responses in the next few days …if i’m able (((PA)))


  3. Well! First, I have to say: “Comments to My Madness!”

    Hi Asdquefty. Thank you. I’m not sure if I’m much into chat with folks at the moment as I can’t really talk about all that is going on. As per this post, this has happened before (similar but different…which one is not like the other…haha…just kidding…) but when bombs get dropped and they are big and complicated and you just can’t talk about them…

    But thank you. *hugs back* That means a lot.

    Hi Arkay. Wow. Someone else who has dared to delve into PAs psycho-madness!

    Yes, again…this happened once before. And it wasn’t the time when I was hospitalized and blogged like crazy from there. No, it was when I was pretty much out of my mind like now.

    However, I’m sort of…I have no clue…thinking…at some point…but don’t know when…

    I’ll be back and straightened out.

    HA! Semi-coherent responses? Christ! No worries! The posts haven’t even been semi-coherent…

    …speaking of…time to make another or am I too fucking exhausted???


  4. I am new to your blog and really love what you have to say so far…Regarding this post though- I hope things get better for you!


  5. Hi Mark Houston Recovery, welcome since you are new. Thank you so much and I am so thrilled that you have found what I have to say carry some meaning?

    Thank you as well for hoping that things will get better. That is very sweet of you to say so.

    Take care,


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