I need to try…?…oh, surely you jest…to go to a newspaper editorial/contributors meeting tonight.  Fucking tonight? I can barely move, the travel? Take me forever? Concentration? “Do Social?”

How on the goddamn planet?

I’ve just about puked up my tea already.



  1. Hey, The Universe and the Valium gave me The Power to Shower.

    Isn’t that great?

    More like bloody amazing.

    *PA stares at time*

    Should try and go to this thing.


  2. Getting panicky. Must leave in half hour? Valium?

    Show up and be completely spastic and have a meltdown?

    I mean, all “artists” are “crazy” but seriously, now?


  3. I went out. I did it. Was completely, uber-spastic. Could barely make eye contact. Then I was interrupting peoples’ conversations or comments.

    …and was told to basically shut up. Oops.

    Someone needed to take minutes so I reluctantly did but it was good because I could hyperfocus on that and not have to think about pretty much anyone there?

    It went on forever though…hours…

    By the end I was rocking back and forth in my chair as I just couldn’t stand it anymore. No. I was. Like a little baby.

    Indeed, by rights, The Arch Alien of Asperger’s (Trademarked.)


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