Full Steam to Full Stop

I apologize for all of that both yesterday and last night.  I’ve made some deletions as I really just wasn’t comfortable with them as well.  Sorry, folks.  Had to do it.  If I can’t even bear to look at my own blog…then you know it’s BAD!

Hopefully things can get back on track relatively soon? I’m going to leave up the “Danger Will Robinson’s!” just in case though… *rolls eyes*

I just got up not long ago.  After being so flippy and having to go to that meeting for the newspaper, all of those people and trying to engage–it really took a lot out of me.  No, full day in bed to try and generally recuperate and just “deal.”  My energy levels are still pretty low but at least I’m up, out of bed and walking! That’s a good sign, eh?

So, I’m going to try and keep the volume levels down on my blog and get my head screwed back on straight…

Bless you all…PA


  1. shhhhh! be vewwy vewwy kwi-eht… the squiddle queen is westing her tiwed bwain…

    re: “get my head screwed back on straight…”, I suggest three turns to the left (or sinister in the old days *wink*) and just tighten the bolts down.


    (as for really bad… a slightly off non-applicable sci-fi reference “beedie-beedie-beedie hey Buck!” – and really, what did YOU think of Wilma in those outfits :P)



  2. Hi Arkay. I was going to write a post about the little guys (or girls?) but not quite yet.

    My brain. I have had to change a tire before so I know the proper way to do it–you know, across and not just around in a circle etc… Also, don’t tighten them fully on the first go.

    Wilma? I always laughed at her pseudo-pearl rock necklace. Or at least that’s what I always thought it was…


  3. yeah, tightening down by going across IS the best way to get it on straight :P

    Funny, I haven’t pictured Wilma with a ‘pearl necklace’ in ages, thanks for the suggestion, lol!

    (you can say eeewwwwww! now) (*bleah* i really gotta meet someone soon)


  4. Hi Arkay. I’m trying to get some kind of visual but you said “straight” so I’m simply going to forget it. *sticks tongue out*

    Wilma? That was just the first thing that came to mind. Honest.

    Me meeting someone? Nah.

    I even wrote a post about…but I’ll put it up whenever. Sometimes I write things “ahead of schedule” and then just post them later.



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