No, I’m not having a seizure. *rolls eyes* I’ve just been staring at my “Add New Post” page for a while now and am trying to muster up the strength to write what I want to write.

I’m so tired! Waaahhh!

Let’s take a vote, shall we? Which (or who) is more useless? PA or this Post?

OMG, I’m scared to move.  I think I might fall over and injure myself!


  1. Maybe it is not that you are useless or boring, maybe you don’t have anything to say.


  2. Hi mariana. You may not know since you are relatively new to my blog but I use self-deprecation constantly as a mechanism for humour. I’m not “intentionally” putting myself down. I’m just being silly.

    I did have something to say but I really was just too, damn tired to say it! I am going to today though. Plus something else that just happened! Oh, my fucking god! I can barely believe it!


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